M.F.A., The University of California, San Diego 

B.F.A., The Ohio State University




"In an age when pictures have become more eloquent than words, schools are still programmed to reduce the child's immersive interaction with the visual world to the practical poverty of the alphabet. Visual literacy should become a pedagogical priority in order to prepare our children to function within the increasingly visual complexity of our environment." -- Vik Muniz, Artist and Photographer

MFA  1990                           UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO

                                                La Jolla, CA


                                                Graduate Teaching Assistantship


                                              Arthur Wagner (Acting/Realism, Transactional Analysis, Contemporary Text Analysis)                                                      James Winker (Acting/Shakespeare, Classical Text Analysis)

                                                Bill Ball (Acting/Pinter)

                                                Andre Serban (Acting/Movement)

                                                Walt Jones (Acting/Improvisation)

                                                Luther James (Acting for the Camera)

                                                Susan Leigh (Speech/Skinner, Dialects)

                                                Mary Corrigan (Voice/Linklater/Barry, Alexander Technique)

                                                Linda Vickerman (Private Singing)

                                                J. Steven Pearson (Movement/Suzuki, Stage Combat/Fencing)

                                                Bonnie Johnston (Movement/Period Styles)

                                                Floyd Gaffney (Dance/Modern)

                                                David Novak (Theatrical Make-up)


BFA  1987                            THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

                                                Columbus, OH



                                                Suzanne Blackburn (Acting/Modern Realism, Text Analysis, Audition Technique)

                                                Ionia Zelenka (Acting/Shakespeare, Del Sarte, Leban, Classical Text Analysis)

                                                Marc Powers (Speech/Lessac)

                                                Thomas Gregg (Private Singing)

                                                E. Reid Gilbert (Movement/Neutral Mask, Improvisation, Circus Technique)

                                                Susan Van Pelt (Dance/Ballet)

                                                Richard Burroughs (Dance/Tap)

                                                Bill McCray (Dance/Modern, African)

                                                Dennis Parker (Costume Design, Theatrical Make-up)

                                                Al Golding (History of the Theatre)

                                                Stratos Constantinides (Modern Drama)

                                                David Ayers (Directing)


BFA Training                      WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY

1982 – 84                              Dayton, OH



                                                Bruce Matley (Acting/Beginning)

                                                Brant L. Pope (Acting/Classic American Realism)

                                                Jessica Beltz (Voice/Phonetics)

                                                Mario Bergner (Voice/Linklater)

                                                Dorothy Smith (Private Singing)

                                                Mary Giannone (Dance/Ballet)

                                                Sandra Tanner (Dance/Modern)

                                                Suzanne Walker (Dance/Jazz)

                                                Bob Hetherington (History of the Theatre)


Private Training

New York City                     J. Steven Pearson and Robyn Hunt (Suzuki Technique)

                                                Akira Kasai (Butoh)

                                                Patsy Rodenbuurg (Shakespeare/Voice)

                                                Holly Hughs (Solo Performance)

                                                Fay Simpson (The Lucid Body)

                                                Guy Waid (Private Singing)

                                                Mary Rodgers (Private Singing Coach)

                                                Rhonda Ayers (Private Monologue Coach)