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Given a design and basic layout template, I worked with the Director of Sustainability at Kansas State University to develop the university sustainability website. This 8 month project entailed learning how to develop in Django, and as a result, program in Python. The site's aim is to create an interactive representation of all the sustainability efforts at the university. (01/09-08/09)


The InfoTech Tuesday newsletter is the primary source of technology news at Kansas State University. I designed and configured a Wordpress installation to take the InfoTech Tuesday site from a static webpage to a dynamic content management system and interface. The two greatest challenges of this project were: 1) to program (PHP) the theme to operate on a once-a-week issue-based publishing cycle, rather than the native post-based publishing cycle of a blog, and 2) to configure the admin side to facilitate an easy writing, editing, and approval process for the multitude of authors and editors. (07/08-08/09)


I coded this Reference Books app from scratch to dynamically display the reference books in the Dow Chemical Multicultural Resource Center at Kansas State University. Based on previous work, it displays all the reference books along with organizational tags in a visual interface driven by Javascript. Using APIs from Google, Amazon, and LibraryThing, I pulled in rich data for each book including book cover images, book descriptions, book previews, and reviews. Each page in the app has its own permalink, making it easy to share individual books, tag-delimited subsets of books, or search results for books. Due to its success as a virtual collection, the library was able to use it as a replacement for the physical collection in the Multicultural Resource Center. (12/07-08/09)


During the spring semester of 2009, I audited Dr. Michael Wesch's Digital Ethnography course at Kansas State University. The prime objective of this course is to produce an ethnographic video. Throughout the semester I researched our given topic, anonymity online, and produced a video entitled, "Crisis of Significance". (01/09-05/09)


While auditing Dr. Michael Wesch's Digital Ethnography course at Kansas State University, our class did a crowd sourcing research activity wherein we each read five articles pertaining to anonymity online, summarized them, and entered them into a database. From that database, I fed the information into a readable web page interface whereby students could more easily read and find the summaries of the articles. The app is based on previous work I did for K-State Libraries, only this time adapted to journal articles. Dr. Wesch wrote about the project in the Digital Ethnography blog and since that time, I have worked with other professors from different universities to setup related apps for their own purposes. (01/09-05/09)


The "WEC Future" Netvibes page was a brief attempt to create an interactive medium for use in conferences. It was part of a presentation/panel discussion I gave alongside Adam Bohannon and Becky Roth at the 2008 World Education Congress. The title of the presentation was "If the Next Generation Planned this Conference...". The three of us were representatives of the "next" generation being some of the first students to graduate college having used social media for all four years. Our teacher, Dr. Michael Wesch, led the presentation and acted as moderator. The website is a Netvibes Universe that incorporates many of the social media we use: social bookmarking, twitter, IM, Flickr, YouTube, wikis, and blogs. My main contribution was to lead the grunt work to get it setup, along with writing a small app to give us a synchronously updated twitter stream and helping to create a Yahoo Pipe to integrate all things tagged with our conference tag. (08/09)


I coded this New Display Books app from scratch to dynamically present new display books in the Dow Chemical Multicultural Resource Center at Kansas State University. It uses Zoho Creator to generate the database and the JSON feed, which is then used to build the page utilizing Javascript. This is the origin of the concept I used in many of my later projects to display books and other content in a visual and interactive way. (12/07-01/09)


I created this "portal" for internal processes in the Dow Chemical Multicultural Resource Center at Kansas State University. It was designed as a one stop shop for workers in the Center to perform all the various functions, reporting, and data entry necessary as part of their jobs. It uses a simple frameset to create a portal feel and embeds numerous forms and database views from Zoho Creator.  It also includes a statistics app that I scripted to dynamically grab statistics and utilize the Zoho API to enter non-dynamic statistics. (06/07-06/08)


This was a self-directed project to create an extremely useful and integrative guide for conscientious consuming. Underneath the hood is a hacked away Blogger blog with a Javascript interface. I got started learning Javascript by reverse engineering the neo template created by Ramani. The content is inspired by the challenge of bringing ethical, environmental, and global/local issues in consuming together in one place, within the context of one geographically "local" location. It is also inspired by an integral approach to consuming, incorporating the "I", "we", and "it" perspectives in figuring out what and how to buy.  A work perpetually in progress, I am not sure it will ever fully come to fruition. (09/06-08-07)


I created this collective blog for the Students for Environmental Action student group at Kansas State University. It was my first jump into integrating multiple web 2.0 tools and concepts. I was inspired to create a collaborative atmosphere in which the group could communicate and collaborate in an online environment. In it I have tested out many different designs and functions to bring together a useful interface. (01/06-11/06)