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My name is Kevin Champion and I am a graduate student in the Social Computing masters specialization in the School of Information at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. I moved to Michigan after two years working as a part-time reference generalist in the Multicultural Resource Center in K-State Libraries and a part-time Technology Information Specialist in the Information Technology Assistance Center at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. I earned bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Spanish at Kansas State University, with emphases in Philosophy, International Studies, Latin American Studies, and Political Science. Since graduation I have studied extensively Integral Theory and the work of Ken Wilber. I am most interested in deepening my understanding of life through an integral lens by applying theory to the world around me.

A student of Dr. Mike Wesch, I am also largely interested and engaged in technology and the internet via a digitally ethnographic perspective. I am continuing to develop my skills and understanding of javascript, applying them to my independent projects and formal work. I am deeply interested in the possibilities that lie in internet/technology to transform our consuming habits, our governance, and our communities. I strive to consume conscientiously, I walk and bike to get around, I cook and eat whole meat-free foods, I read as much as possible, I care for a young one, and I practice yoga and meditation.


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