Private Lessons with Kevin Buster

Do you desire to Dance: With more balance, power,
rhythm, speed and do so naturally in any style?   

These lessons are for you! -Effective for leaders and followers.

In a private lesson, 

we work at YOUR pace on the things YOU want to work on.  YOU  will feel yourself improving quickly!

Private lessons are an invaluable tool for a dancer since an instructor with experience and a trained eye can spot bad habits that you’re unaware of and fix very nuanced problems that can improve all kinds of things at once.  If you do them on a regular basis, along with social dancing and practice, you have the recipe for becoming a terrific dancer in a much shorter span of time.

Kevin Buster has been trained by some of the best dancers in the world.   He will use his expertise to help you discover your inner dancer.

Cost of 1 Hour Dance or Music Lessons

 student only $65.00 
students only $90 ($45 per person). 

If you want one of my professional dance partners to teach with me,
1 student
 and 2 teachers only $100($50 per instructor)
students and 2 teachers only $120($60 per instructor) 

If you want to get the most out of lessons by taking them weekly!

1 student-5 weeks for only $275 (save $50 if done weekly or completed in 6 weeks and paid in advance.)see policy

1 student- 10 weeks for only $500 (save $150 If done weekly or completed in 12 weeks and paid in advance)See policy

2 students-5 weeks for only $400(save $50 if done weekly or completed in  6 weeks and paid in advance.)see policy

2 students-10 weeks for only $700(save $200 If done in 12 weeks and paid in advance)see policy

 Get your friends together for a 1 hour group lesson:

10 people $150 ($15 per person).
20 people for $200($10per student)


Kevin Buster's body is not made of flesh and bone like the rest of us, but of music notes and jazz moves. It has been a great joy for me to dance with and learn from him over the years. Kevin has a rare ability to be fully present when he dances and can pick up on the subtle nuances of movement. Because of this, Kevin has helped me transform my dancing from mere mechanical memorization of moves to a form of creative play that is flowing and spontaneous.

-Amanda Ford


All lesson deals are final. You must give 24 hours notice to cancel lessons. No money will be refunded. 5 week deals must be done in 6 consecutive weeks and expire within 1 month. 10 lesson deals end expire within 12 weeks. Come early to make sure to find a parking spot. Please be on time or slightly early to insure lessons before and after yours go smoothly. Thank you.


book a private lesson now by emailing Kevin Buster
Or call: 206-349-4311