Kevin Buster Bio

Kevin Buster
Kevin Buster has been dancing for 19 years.
He has studied with original master Savoy 
swing dancers like: Frank Manning, Norm
Miller, Sugar Sullivan and Dawn Hampton and
also with master swing dancer Lennart 
Westerlund (leader of the Rhythm Hotshots
and Harlem Hotshots). Kev
in has been 
studying the relationship of Swing, Tap, and 
African dancing. His study has taken him to 
Guinea West Africa to learn from Grand Master
l and Youssouf  Kombassa both of 
Les Ballets Africains. Kevin Has been studying
tap dance for 7 years. He is also a saxophonist, 
flutist, and clarinetist. He has been making music for 20 years.

He plays swing, blues,
 and jazz music with various local bands
in the Seattle area. Kevin's strong musicality, 
patience and improvisational ability ensure
fun and exciting classes for all dancers 
regardless of ability.