Kevin Bougé

I am a french software engineer, living in Prague, Czech Republic

More specifically, I am an Agile Web Developer interested in :
- Javascript on Server Side (Node.js, Express)
- Headless Browsing (Phantom.js, Casper.js)
- NoSQL Databases and Search Engine Technologies (Apache Solr)
- Rich Internet Applications (Mozilla Xulrunner, Firefox (Xul, XPCOM) and Google Chrome (Chrome API) extensions/addons/plugins, Kango framework)
- Web Applications (HTML, CSS and jQuery)

I am also a bit specialized in R&D : artificial intelligence, artificial life (cellular automatas, genetic algorithm, neural networks), machine learning (RapidMiner, SVM), NLP (Wordnet, FactForge, SPARQL) and web mining (Perl)