those of you who live out of town, there are plenty of great places to stay. We have one suggestion for a hotel below, but you might also enjoy looking for a place yourself. There are many excellent hotels in the downtown area, and we would recommend any of them that look cool to you. Downtown Seattle is pretty compact, and you can Lyft/Uber just about anywhere. The website Hotwire has treated us well when booking in downtown Seattle (which is fun!). We also recommend checking out Airbnb.com. Since there is a Seahawks game on the Sunday after our wedding, you may want to book sooner rather than later!

And if you don't want to do the research, we have a hotel we think would work great based on the proximity to the venues of the weekend at a more reasonable price: Hilton Homewood Suites - Convention Center. We haven't blocked off any rooms, so feel free to make a reservation whenever!

For an Airbnb, we recommend anything from Downtown Seattle, to Northeast or Northwest Seattle. If you go the Airbnb route, feel free to ask us about locations!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask: kmjohnsen@gmail.com or algeop@gmail.com