Treasure Hunt

Our students have created 10 questions for you to find out about where we live.

1.  Which park was created in 1887 on a peninsula of land in Vancouver?
2.  What are two streams that have salmon in Surrey?
3.  What Island can you look East to see Vancouver?
4.  What forms of recreation are enjoyed around Surrey and Vancouver?
5.  Using, how long can it take to get to a city that is on the mainland; however it requires two ferries to get there from Surrey.
6.  Can you find out when somewhere in Vancouver has a high or low tide?  
7.  Hypothesize why tides are different each day and at different times of the day.  This link may help you.  Hint - What other information is provided on this site.
8.  Looking at the geography, what types of recreation would be most popular around Surrey?
9.  What geographic features help predict where cities have developed around Surrey?   The area around Surrey is often called the Lower Mainland.
10.  If you were to live in British Columbia, how would  you decide where to live?