Rules and Info

My List for my GBA,DS and gen 6 and 7 Events.
1.No Hacks. To the best of my knowledge and the people i have traded with my pokemon are legal. i would never knowingly trade a hack. if something turns out a hack then let me know and you can choose another event in it's place.
2.Be Patient, sometimes internet down here may be out for many hours or i may occasionally have to get my laptop looked at and worked on or i may be sick
3. I only want events
4. NFT events are strictly nft.
5.proofed gen 6/7 events only and proof must be good aka video or full redemption
6.only 6th/7th gen events for my 6th/7th gen events

 fc 1607-3951-9913 Kevin

Older Events Wants
legal checked Norii bidoof
legal checked Maatan shinx
legal checked Nana,Toshi,Yunosuke Ralts
japanese train station events i don't have from these stations
かごしま Kagoshima
くまもと Kumamoto
こくら Kokura
さが Saga
させぼ Sasebo
ながさき Nagasaki
べっぷ Beppu
みやざき Miyazaki
nature sets i don't have
date sets i don't have
GBA events from 3rd or 4th gen you obtained yourself and is still in 4th gen.
Events not from DJ
PCNY events from a,b,c and d i don't have in 4th gen. must be legit checked by someone from PokemonSecure
More guidebook gothorita with proof
More DW Starters with proof
French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish DW Eeveelutions with proof
More DW Events With Proof
Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
other natures of single strongest battle class events
other natures of kanto sicker events
french aura mews and italian channel jirachis not from dj( will keep nft if requested to)
natures of Colosseum Ho-Oh i don't have from each language and in gen 4
more summer league pikachus with proof
natures of 10 ANIV events i don't have in gen 4
natures of super strong events i don't have from any statiion
other dated pal parked jeremy events and any not from dj and in gen 4
natures of channel jirachi i don't have from each language and is in gen 4
other natures of gcea i have
PCJP events i don't have(4th gen)
Natures of Hadou events i don't have(4th gen)