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6. New Cosmology


The universe is ordered in the way it is because nature has to take account of all the correct answers to the question: What are the fourth roots of one, unity.

The bulk of this section can be found in my book: SPIRITUAL MAN: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.
See the video of the  interview with Budd Suiter here:




However there are further considerations which are shared here.

Further to the point about dimension reversal, it has occurred to me that the geomagnetic reversals seen on the earth may be due to the planet passing through a  'cloud' of dark matter/ energy.

Black Holes.

. But what is the mechanism? Could it go something like this, with apologies for using some maths?

When matter is captured by a black hole it is accelerated as it is drawn within, its speed rapidly increasing. The mass of the matter also increases according to the Lorentz factor:

M = m/ √ (1- v²/c²)

Where M is the mass of the matter at speed v and m is equal to the mass at rest. ‘c’ equals the speed of light. At low values of v, relative to the speed of light one can ignore the denominator of the right hand term and M = m. However, as the matter is further accelerated into the black hole, the speed rises rapidly until it approaches the speed of light and the denominator tends towards zero giving the matter infinite mass. Now we know that nature abhors zero, it treats it as a transition point and that is what happens as the speed hits the speed of light at the ‘Veil of Reality’. As matter passes through the ‘veil’, the denominator becomes negative and can be rewritten as: 


√ -1 x √ [(v²/c²) – 1]

Now since 1/ i = -i   where  i = √ -1   we can rewrite the full equation thus:

M = - im/√ [(v²/c²) – 1]

Or ignoring the denominator:  M ~ -im

The black hole has miraculously converted matter into unreal and imaginary matter as we suggest in this theory.


On my way back to Spain from Thailand, recently, I spoke with an Indian man, a Hindu, for the entire flight from Bangkok to Mumbai (Or Bombay as the locals prefer to call it).
In a very interesting exchange of ideas, he was taken with my 'Theory of TWO' and I thought I might share it with you here.
The Universe is composed of two parts, a 'positive' half and a 'negative' side that add up to nothing. One we live in and one we cannot even imagine.
There are two parts of almost everything, including both sides of an argument. Black and White, up and down, left and right. These are banal examples but these opposites occur in all walks of life. We have East vs West, Capitalism and Socialism, Democracy and Communism. In religion we can see that from many different religions they are being whittled down to just two, Christianity and Islam.
Is this trend merely one to do with people or is there some scientific basis to it? If you imagine a soap solution in a large glass jar and agitate it or blow air through it, bubbles form in profusion. Big ones and small ones. If you watch you will see that coalescence starts as surface tensions in the bubbles break down and bubbles join with one another. Now I was once told that this coalescence can carry on until a form of equilibrium exists and this happens when there are just two bubbles. It is impossible for the two to collapse to form one bubble.
Is this like life itself? Will there always be two options to every problem? It could be, because its how we see life as I explain above. The sad thing thing is that no matter how hard we strive, the people of our planet can never be united. There will always be something to divide us ... unless we can find another body, another planet, perhaps. Then we will have our two entities. We can unite as the planet earth against those of planet Zog.