summer bridge for me

Hey, how's it going to all people,family members,friends,adoring fans. My name is Kevieon or Kevin to my family members. I live in Richmond, California. I Iove playing baskeball. I like dancing. I like singing to all my favorite songs. Living in richmond is like living in a crowded box. Its boring and there's nothing to do, But with the right friends it can be fun. Since I have friends, I usaully have fun. Because I live in richmond, and In the bad part I rarely see my friends.

My goals for my life are going to colleges like   UC BerkeleyUCLANorth Carolina University,the college that Michael Jordan went to. It is a good college for basketball, and it will help me get drafted to play in the NBA!! Since getting drafted is hard, i'll have to pratice a lot. I want to go to the NBA because I love playing basketball. If that does not work out I'll try to become an an Anaesthesiologist. If that doesn't workout i'll get a high earning  career like a vetrinarian.

What I need to do to achieve these goals is get goood grades, stay in highschool,and stay focus. I definetely have to pass the highschool exit exam. I'll have to pass the SAT. I have to get on the basketball team and be a team player. I'll have to learn how to take critisicism. Most of all is to go to college, and prevail in basketball.

Thank you for reading my goals in life, and what I have to do to achieve them. If you have any questions or comments send me a message at Well thats all for me, bye. For more information about this web project, click here. To see my this I Believe Essay click here