Smellthegloves Trades

Main wants are early bon jovi and queensryche etc anything along the lines listed below contact me at smelltheglove at* (replace the at with @ minimize spanners)

S/B- Recorded straight from the desk excellent quality
F/M- Radio broadcast similar to soundboard great quality once again
A- great quality close to soundboard
B- listenable maybe some crowd interferences etc but good non the less
C-Mainly for collectors but can be cleaned up using various audio enhancing programs

Belfast 1979  A
Live in Atlantic records Bon Scott era circa 78    S/B 
Various Acoustic !!!RARE!!!!   A

Mtv unplugged 11-8-90 excellent show
Orlando 2001 just push play tour  S/B

Donignton monsters of rock 22-7-87   A
Monsters of rock  Paris 88  B+ audience recording
First Avenue Sound check 14-1-06 Great for fans of the band  A 

Unplugged 1997  A

Bad Company
Capital centre Landover 29-7-79 S/B
Live in L.A December 1991  S/B

Billy Idol
MTV new years party 1983  Audio from TV Broadcast A+

Blind Guardian
Tokyo Tales(official release??)

Bon Jovi
Brussels 1984 supporting Kiss B+
Milwaukee heatfest 1985 (7800 tour) S/B
Acoustic Virgin Megastore Australia 93/94?? (keep the faith promo tour)  FM
Yokohama Stadium Japan 1996(one of the best jovi shows ever)  FM   2cd
Acoustic Tokyo Bounce Tour  FM
Philadelphia 01 Hershey stadium  A
Philadelphia Hershey stadium  3/12/05 A-
East Rutherford NJ 2005  B+ 2cd
Tokyo dome REHEARSALS 8-4-06 6 songs and inbetween talking etc great for a fan  S/B
Tokyo Dome 12-4-06 Great set  A
BBC broadcast 5 songs   Fm
Milton Keynes england 11-6-06 B

Bruce Dickinson
Acoustic in Budapest 28/5/94  B

Tokyo Japan 13/8/87  S/B

David lee Roth
Los Angeles 1986  B+
Milan 1991  B+
House of blues Las Vegas  A-
Nagoya Japan 28/1/04  A
Japan 05(can I have some sushi please???)   A

Def Leppard
Seattle 1983 S/B
Donington, England  16/8/86 S/B
Unplugged and unshaved 1995  S/B
Tokyo 11-2-99 S/B
Rock of Ages Tour 2005 First night   A

The first ever DIO show 23-7-83(excellent show with viv campbell)  A
Donignton monsters of rock 20-8-83 A- (alittle bassy)
Germany 1987  S/B
Dublin 25/10/05 B+

Dream Theater
Do DArkside of the moon(pink floyd set) official bootleg
Do Number of the beast    "
Do master of puppets    "
Live at the marquee 2002  A
Live at graspop festival 2003 A

Elton John
The Fillmore San Francisco  S/B
Shinjuku Kohsei Nenkin Hall,Tokyo,Japan 1-10-71  FM

Live In Hjortnas 1985  B(rare)

Chicago 5-8-86  S/B(rare)

Fates warning/Kings X/Dream theater/Queensryche 24/7/03 4CD   B

!!!!!!For GUNS N ROSES bootlegs see very last page or bottom of lists Cheers!!!!!

Disney House of Blues  X/2/04 A+

Manchester, England 5-9-87  B
Switzerland 88 B+
Monsters of rock Donington 1988 S/B
Santiago, Chile 1998 S/B
Paris Bercy 2003 A

Iced Earth
Stuttgart, Germany 5-9-96 A

Iron Maiden
Cleveland 22/5/1982  B
Pieces of Stockholm 5/5/1983 2Cd  A
Milwaukee 1984 A+
Somewhere in Munich 1986  B
Oxford, England 10-3-86 2cd  A
Slaves to Sweden 1988  S/B
Queen Mary College London Surprise gig RARE 17/8/1988  B+
Chile 29/8/96(X-factor tour w/blaze)   B
Sapporo 5/2/04 A+
Buffalo 21/7/05(ozzfest)  B
Dublin RDS Arena  B+    2cd

In Flames
Barcelona 22/10/02 A

John Sykes
Bad Boy Live(lizzy/white snake/blue murder songs date unknown)  S/B

Judas Priest
Hell Bent for the BBC 21/12/81  FM

Glasgow 5-10-84  A
Donighton 88  FM

Led Zeppelin
27/4/69 Fillmore West  A
5/11/69 Kansas (5 song set) C
8/8/69 San Bernando  C
30/10/69 Buffalo  B+
31/8/69 Texas International pop Festival   S/B (best one)
2/11/69 Toronto  A
7/11/69 San Francisco  B
5/3/71 Belfast, Northern Ireland (1st performance of stairway ever!)  B
6/3/71 Dublin Ireland  B+ great show great sound in places

Masterplan(band feat ex members helloween etc)
Wacken festival Germany 2-8-03  B+
Buenos Aires Argentina 2003  B+
Tokyo 21-8-03`  A

Bat out of hell in 77 FM (fantastic show)

France 97 S/B

1983 Mustaines last stand S/B
5-3-83  Cliffs first show  B+
Day on the green 31/8/85 A
5/2/89 Texas (4 songs)  S/B
12/7/1988 Long Beach arena California  B
26/5/1990 Glasgow, Scotland   A+
Acoustic metallica 1997 A
Ministry of sound London 1997 S/B
5/1/03 San Quentin Prison(filming of saint anger 5song gig for prisoners)  S/B
16/12/03 Cologne Germany S/B
26/6/03 Roskilde festival Denmark   FM
29/4/04 Grand Rapids Michigan  A+(great show)
6-6-04 Download festival England(various drummers) FM
June 2006 Rock am ring Germany(master of puppets in entirety)   FM (great show)

Mr Big
Live in Tokyo 2002 (japan only release)
Hard Rock Café Japan FM


Motley Crue  
8/8/87 Providence R.I  B+ 2cd
1991 marquee London Secret show AKA the Four Skins  B+
8/9/94 Mirage club Minneapolis(john corabi on vox)  A
3/1/95 Pasadena Corabis last gig  B+
3/3/05 New York  B++ 2cd

11/3/02 Melkweg, Amsterdam  A

Ozzy Osbourne
28/7/81 Canada FM
Bark at the moon tour Jake E.Lee(destination unknown date unknown) A
28/4/82 Memphis TN   FM
29/6/84 Tokyo Japan   S/B
Donighton monsters of rock 1986  FM(great set)
1986 St Paul’s  B+
9/8/95 Chile   S/B

31/12/88 New yearsryche Seattle  FM(excellent setlist and show)
6/5/97 in the desert Mexico    FM(Show is show from start to finish not broken up)
9-6-06 Sweden Rock fest  A
10-6-06 Arrow rockfest, holland  A(volume a little low but very clear just turn up louuuuuud)

23/1/89  Tokyo Japan   FM
12/8/05 Chicago A
Sweden rock fest 2005  FM

Skid Row
Banzai 2cd 1992 live japan S/B..FM(best skid row show)
August 92 Skidding in donington  FM
1995 Subhumanbeings on tour (Japan official release)

Spinal Tap
Stonehenge in LA 6/1/01 A

System of a down
Live at the lowlands festival 2001  FM

Acoustic in san Francisco  A 2cd

The darkness
22/4/06One way ticket to Tokyo 2006 A


The doors(21st century)
21/4/06 Dortmund Ian astbury on vox  A

Thin lizzy
9/6/75 Ludwigshafaen Germany(fighting tour) A
25/11/77  Manchester England  A
15/4/79 Glasgow Apollo  A
1978 New york A(short set)
Reading festival 1982  FM
10/11/2000 Live in Madrid(Sykes/Gorham)   A
The BBC Peel sessions  FM

June 82 Cleveland  FM

Van Halen
Covers band ,Pasadena(before the first album the earliest days party recording)   A! 15/10/77 Nightmare before Halloween Pasedena A++(incl rehearsals)
x/x/77 Magic mountain  B+
1/6/78 London  S/B
6/5/78 Amsterdam  B+
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1983 A
29/5/83 US Festival  FM(great show)  
Monsters of rock 1984 B+
Quebec Canada 1984   A(best recording from this tour)
Vince Neil
Chicago 2004  B
Tokyo 1996  A

New York 1990 FM

Monsters of rock 1990 FM
New york 2003 A
tokyo 21-5-06 B-(very bassy)

I have about 110 guns n roses audio bootlegs please email for info as I have not got the chance to make a list of and grade these shows some really rare stuff though!