Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a note from Michelle Minkoff...

"This is one of the many things
that I love about our school.....

Parents, like Ingrid, thoughtfully decorated
our cafeteria to reflect the values of our school.

She had the kids write on the leaves
what they are thankful for.

As for me, I am thankful to be a
part of this wonderful PTA.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!"

Indeed.  Let's all be thankful for what
our little school does.

Enjoy your time off, everyone!

Turkey Trot & Shoe Drive

Thank you to all who came out to support
the Turkey Trot & Shoe Drive!

Ralphs Community Program

Ralphs has a simple plan that can help you
and others support Kettering PTA.

The Ralphs Community Contribution Program
allows you to link your Ralphs card
to Kettering PTA so that each time you shop,
a portion of your spending is donated.

Click here for sign-up info.

Trunk-to-Trunk Success

Another Trunk-to-Trunk has come and gone
but it leaves us all with good memories.

Thank you to TOP DOG Jon Peck and
his staff of amazing Watch D.O.G.S. who
put on a great show for the Kids and their families

Take a trip through the Haunted House...

Show Your Support and Join Your PTA

Kettering PTA has been recognized as a
Gold Medal Winner
by Long Beach Council PTA.

Become a part of our team.


Just by signing up for a
$10 membership you are helping.
You can also support by contributing more or
volunteering - as much or as little as you want.

Complete the Membership Form
to get started as part of a winning team.

Minimum Day Reminder

Every Thursday
all school year is a Minimum Day.
Grades 1-5 gets out at 1:30 every Thursday

Join The Finest PTA Around

The Kettering PTA is excited to welcome new
and returning families to the 2016-17 school year!

Our goal is to have 100% membership
from our families to support all that
the PTA does to help make our school GREAT!

The PTA pays for many of the wonderful
programs and activities at Kettering.

Please sign up and pitch in any way you can

This Is A Public Parking Announcement!

Please be extremely careful when
driving around the campus.

The people are small.

Be courteous of the school's neighbors.
Please do not block driveways or double park.

What Else Is In Store?

Don't forget to register for ParentVue to
keep track of your Kids' grades
update emergency contact info and more.
Registration info is available at the school office.

to see what's in store.

Kettering Wisdom

Kettering is awesome and don't let
anyone tell you otherwise.

School Spirit Days

The Kids have many chances throughout the year
to wear something a little different.

School Spirit Days have a variety of themes to let your Kids show
some individuality and creativity.

Stay tuned for more Spirit Days throughout the spring.

A Great Year for Kettering and Your PTA

What happened in 2015-16?

Our Kettering PTA won 8 awards 
from Long Beach Council PTA for 2015-16!

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Our next PTA Meeting:

January 27, 2017
in the LIBRARY


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Who Was
Charles F. Kettering?

He is our school's namesake but
who was Charles F. Kettering and what did he do?

Did You Know...

... Kettering PTA  provides for numerous fun and engaging events and activities for your Kids that would not be possible
without the work and contributions
of PTA members, parents,
families and sponsors?

Every dollar counts and we aim to show
you where those dollars come
from and where they go.