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Kettering School 6.9-mil Levy

November 2010 Levy

School Face Test On Budget Math -WSJ 6-15-10
Southdale School To See Jump In Some Class Sizes -DDN 6-10-10
Kettering Sees No Reason Not To Rehire Schoenlein - DDN 6-7-10
Local school districts cutting staff, freezing pay and considering levies
- DDN 5-30-10

Ohio School Funding & Legislation Information

Ohio Dept of Education Web Site

Office of the Governor - Education

Report from the Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Financing Student Success in Ohio

Ohio Education Association Web Page - HB-1 Overview Video

Funding Ohio Schools - Great Primer from Cuyahoga County Treasurer

OhioChannel.org - Reforming Ohio's Education System for the 21st Century

What Ohioans' Are Thinking About Their Schools

Ohioans' Views on Education 2009 - FDR Group

Ohioans' Views on Education 2009 Presentation

Ohioans' Views on Education 2009 - Key Takeaways

Ohio's New Education Plan

Legislative Language House Bill 1

House Bill 1
This version of the comparison document from the Legislative Services Commission outlines the changes made to the education portion of HB 1 during the Conference Committee process. This version also includes changes made by vetoes issued by Governor Strickland when he signed the bill. Added July 27, 2009

ODE 2010/2011 Budget Information

Ohio Education Reform Plan

Pathway To Student Success (PASS) (FY2010)
This page provides reports for the annual payments for a given district. The PAthway to Student Success (PASS) form provides the annual payments to districts under the evidence-based funding model. The PASS detail worksheet provides detailed calculations for those reports.  Select the district, payment and the reports you wish to see. This page only works if your browser supports forms.

FY 2011 Updated Funding Simulations
This document provides an overview of the funding formula calculation of the evidence-based model under the provisions of Am. Sub. H.B. 1 for fiscal year 2011.

Funding Simulations Report Generator
This is the report generator for the FY 2011 Updated Funding Simulations explained above.

CAFR - Kettering City Schools - Comprehensive Annual Financial Statements Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2008 (Download Available in Attachment Section At Page Bottom)

Ohio Auditor - Stimulus Tracker - Kettering School System

Public School Salary Database - Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board -
Welcome to the District Search page of the Public School District Teacher and Administrator Salary database.
Search for your district by entering the relevant text string below. If you have difficulties, try shortening your search string until you see how the data is entered for the district name, e.g., "south" will yield "Southern" and "South-Western".

School District Checkbooks - Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board -

Kettering Schools is currently not listed.  The district is in contact with CASB to provide the data in the requested format.2/24/2010

Citizens for Kettering Schools - Campaign Finance Report -12-31-09

5 Yr. Budget Forecast For Kettering City Schools - CASB

Education Studies & Institutes

The Truth About Teacher Salaries and Student Achievement - Eric A. Hanushek
A short article that concludes that "...there is virtually no relationship between teacher salaries and student achievement.

Neighborhood School Characteristics: What Signals Quality to Homebuyers?

Portions of this article were quoted on the Kettering Schools web site in an article written by Jim Brown.  The conclusion of this article may be of interest in obtaining a complete picture.

Thomas Fordham B. Institute Website

Facing the Future: Financing Productive Schools - Funded By Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ohio At The Crossroads Paul T. Hill - Thomas Fordham Institute

Kettering School District By Laws

10 Year Strategic Plan For Education in Ohio

Property Taxes and School Funding In Ohio March 2009 (PDF)

All Day Kindergarten Funding 128 General Assembly. SB-12 2009-2010

K-12 Educational Standards 128 General Assembly SB-59 2009-2010

School Levies In Ohio March 2009 (PDF)

Ohio Citizens Accounting Standard Board

Open Ohio.org

Levy News Links


The Truth About Teacher Salaries and Student Achievement

K-12 Spending Guarantees Ignore Economics

Why Haven't Michigan's High Teacher's Salaries Improved Student Performance

If Pro School Tax Message is Given Platform at School Meetings, Should Anti Message Be Given At the Same Time

Last Year, Kettering Schools Promised "ZERO Tax Increase"

Superintendent's Memo Says Kettering Voters Will Agree To 6.9 Mill Levy

In Kettering, February Tax Collection For Kettering Schools Exceeds Budget Prediction — By $1 Million
Kettering School Board Approves New Contracts for 15 Administrators 3/3/2010

Local Schools Are Asking City For Levy Support 2/25/2010

Many Are Antsy Over School Funding

Districts Raise Taxes Without Public Vote

Kettering School System Blames State Cuts For Funding Problems 2/17/10

Kettering expected to place 6.9 mill levy on the ballot - 2-16-10

Dayton OS Claim - Most Kettering Teachers Will Receive Salary Increase of 8% per Year - If 6.9 mill Property Tax is Approved - 2/16/10

Citizens of Kettering Schools Ponders Levy - 2/11/10

Kettering Schools Paid $19,000 For A Professional Poll To Evaluate Public Support For New Property Tax Levy
- 2/11/10

Kettering Poll To Evaluate Public Support PDF (115Mb Download)
(If you have difficulty downloading this file, check to make sure your Windows xP, Window 7 operating system or your virus software is not blocking the download.  If you connect to the internet via dial up or DSL, you may experience an extended download time.  If you are using High Speed Roadrunner or similar services, download will take about 3-5 minutes.  Copies of this survey will be available at the Kettering School Board Meeting on the 16th of February or at our February 22nd meeting at Norton's Grille.)

Shoenlein has inside track on school job - 2/4/10

District makes its case for new levy - 2/4/10

Race To The Top Grant sought by Kettering Schools

Interim Superintendent of Kettering Schools looks good for permanent position

The 6.9-mill levy will likely generate $9,101,393 in property tax revenue

Kettering School Board Plans To Place Levy on May Ballot


School Board Weighs Levy - Jan 09

Jan. 29, 2009 the Kettering School Board to discuss renewal of an 6.9-mill operation levy.

Defeat of a 4.9-mill operating levy - May 09

May 6, 2009 Kettering Levy Passes 6.9 mil renewal

Will School Levy Be on Ballot?- Sept 09

Supt. Mengerink departs Kettering Schools -May 09

Split vote for Kettering teachers raise -May 09

Kettering School Board & Teachers Agree on 1.5% Pay Increase - May 09

Trent remains Kettering School Board President - Jan 10

Estate Tax Elimination Ballot Issue

The law proposed by this Initiative Petition entitled Ohio Estate Tax Elimination Act would eliminate the Ohio taxes levied upon the transfer of the estate of decedents dying on or after December 31, 2012.  The legal submission to the Ohio Attorney General is available below entitled Estate Tax Elimination.

For additional information or if you wish to assist in gathering petition signatures, contact Ron Alban at 937-434-7100 or e-mail him at circulators@endohioestatetax.com

The mailing address is Estate Tax Petition Center - P.O. Box 291803 - Kettering, Ohio 45429-0803

Notes, Updates & Announcements

Estate Tax Links


End Ohio's Estate Tax

Help Gather Signatures

Ohio Estate Tax & States That Currently Access An Estate Tax

Ohio Estate Tax FAQ's

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