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Rep. Joe Wilson

posted Sep 11, 2009, 6:44 PM by Kettering Liberty Group
Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina may have been overtaken by the moment, not shown the respect for the office we would hope for, but I am confident the his words ring true in many of our hearts.  I have said in the past that the Obama Administration has a big problem with trust.  It is mighty hard to trust someone that surrounds himself with the likes of Van Jones and Rev. Wright.  Like it or not, you are judged by the company you keep.  It is an obvious tip off about your character and what you hold dear.

So why did I post this?  I am sending this Representative a campaign contribution.  If we are to populate the House with individuals that love liberty and respect the constitution in 2010, we have got to get behind these men/women no matter what state they represent.  I look at this as an investment in the future and a way to weed out the progressives in Congress.

Here is a link to Joe Wilsons campaign web site outlining his stand on the issues.