St Judes Community Project

Our Aim
The aim of the group shall be to..

To meet the immediate practical, social and pastoral needs with ongoing support of those in crisis through homlessness, unemployment, under employment, financial difficulty and other circumstances which cause material povery of life. By the provision of a Drop In Centre, a Foodbank and other related prrojects.

To provide a “gateway” to other agencies and service providers and work constructively with them to compliment available services.

Food Bank

Our Aim
Our aim is to meet the basic 3 days food needs of people in crisis across Kettering and the surrounding areas. Once we have identified people in crisis we will work hard to improve their quality of life. We will work closely with local organisations and agencies to reach out and help feed :-

• The hidden working poor.
• People on low incomes.
• People with social difficulties.
• People with mental health issues.
• The elderly.

We provide equal opportunities to all and we will not turn anyone in real need away. Anyone who needs food is in our remit.

Our aim is to meet the immediate needs of those refered to us and of our service users and to establish the root cause of their crisis and determine how we can best help them to resolve these issues. We work in partnership with other agencies and faith groups signposting service users to other support groups in Kettering in order to be of as much benefit to them as possible.

Those accessing the foodbank will come via authorised agency referals.

See our statement in response to state funded benefit changes. "Statement"

How does it work
The Food Bank receives donations of food from you the public, either via organised collections from Church groups, Voluntry groups, Super Markets or Agencies. These donations are then sorted and made up into parcels to a recommended list of contents.

Non perishable foods may be donated at the following locations."Donation Locations."

We provide you with a shopping list, all we ask is that buy an extra tin or two when you next shop. Or why not donate the Free item when you Buy One Get One Free.
Crisis parcel…

A three day parcel, to help with a short term crisis. Contains nine meals made up of three breakfasts, three main meals & three snack meals plus toiletries and snack extras when available.

A crisis parcel is issued when a referral is received from a supporting agency or when a service user presents at the foodbank drop-in.

Crisis parcels will be issued up to three times in any six month period.
A one week parcel…

A seven day parcel, to assist with an ongoing crisis which is in the process of being resolved. Contains twenty one meals made up of seven breakfasts, seven main meals & seven snack meals plus toiletries and snack extras when available.

Seven day parcels are only issued when there is a programme of ongoing support in place.

A one week parcel can be issued up to six weeks with the option to extend to eight weeks.

The six or eight week programme is only entered into with a commitment to ongoing and regular assessments.

It is our intention that the issuing of emergency food will help an existing situation and in no way enable any form of dysfunctional or destructive behaviour. It is also our intention to closely monitor all situations so as not to create dependency on the foodbank or on any other service that is provided.

Unless referrals are made by authorised agencies who have taken part in Kettering foodbanks eligibility training, all those accessing the foodbank will be asked to take part in a needs assessment interview.

This interview will ensure that free food is the primary need, if the eligibility criteria are met and whether there is a need to signpost the client to other help agencies.

Anyone who needs food is in our remit. We provide equal opportunities to all, and will not turn anyone in real need away.

1 Adult or 2 Children parcel contents:

Milk Uht 1 Carton. .. Sugar (500g). .. Tea / coffee / Hot Chocolate 1 Carton. .. Soup 2 Tins. .. Baked beans 2 Tins.
Spaghetti 1 Tin. .. Tomatoes 1 Tin. .. Vegetables 2 Tins. .. Potato product / Instant Mash. .. Meat Product 1 Tin. Fish Product 1 Tin. .. Dried Pasta/ Rice 1. .. Pasta Sauce / Cook-in-Sauce. .. Noodles / Cuppa Soups 2 or 1.
Jam/ marmalade 1 Jar, or Meat Spreads x 2 .. Cerials / Oats 1 Box. .. Fruit 1 Tin. .. Pudding 1 Tin. .. Custard / Evap Milk 1 Tin. .. Biscuits / Snacks. .. Fresh bread and cakes are often available.

The average cost of this food parcel is £27.

All parcel contents are in date and undamaged.

Download Shopping List pdf. "Shopping List"