Welcome to KeterLab

KeterLab has extensive experience in the monitoring and analyses of crucial parameters related to biogas production and bioprocess establishment, control, design and problem solving.

KeterLab is a dedicated laboratory intended for specific analyses on the topic of biogas production, system monitoring, substrate analyses, determination of most suitable substrate combinations resulting in highest biomethane yields.

KeterLab is part of Keter Group and operates in tight cooperation with Keter Organica as well as other biogas related enterprises.

KeterLab resides within the Organica Nova biogas plant in Slovenia.

KeterLab Headquarters:                            KeterLab laboratories:
Titova cesta 2 A                                           Bučečovci 4c
SI-2000 Maribor                                           SI-9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru
Slovenia                                                       Slovenia

N46°35'19.68"    E16°06'44.10"