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I decided to start Tampere KESTRELS FC when my cricket coach, Jari Schabel mentioned there was AFL being played in Finland. I got a hold of Izzy Barker, President of the Finnish Lions down in Helsinki and found out a little more about what I had to do to get the club up and running.

I have had some people interested in learning and playing so when the clubs registration goes through we will start practising indoor for the winter and outdoor for the spring, summer and autumn.



We have been lucky enough to have the support and encouragement from some very nice people and companies. I would just like to thank:

Jari Schabel - Tampere Cricket Club TRECC

Izzy Barker - Finnish Lions Football Club

Rob De Santos - Australian Football Association of North America AFANA

Matt Pritchett - Burley Sekem Burley Sekem



The Tampere KESTRELS FC's main objective is to introduce Australian Rules Football into Tampere and get the Finns out to have a kick and have some fun.

Secondly we hope that by joining the club it will keep people away from, for example, excess drinking and also get those couch potatoes outside to get fit. We want to get people out to Play!

Once we have a solid team or teams we will be able to have friendly games during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn with Helsinki Hawks who will give our team or teams some real game experience.

The team will be playing under the FAFL Finnish Australian Football League and players that are extremely good might even get the chance to play for the National Team. World Footy News



Registration 1year - Adult ( Working ) 80€

                              Student               60€

                              Child ( 16-18yrs) 40€

Your registration money will be used to help the club buy team playing-jumpers, more footballs for training and general fees that have to be paid by the Tampere KESTRELS FC

Training prices will vary week to week untill we get a solid indoor venue to train at. Prices will be between 3€ & 6€ and this will be used to pay for the training venue.



For any company that is interested in sponsoring Tampere KESTRELS FC or donating money please contact David - details above - and feel free to have a look Tampere KESTRELS FC's sponsorship papers.

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