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Electrode Masks

Kevin Estelle was your average teenager, insecure and too shy to talk to his secret crush. But when he performs a singular act of heroism on a field trip, he is given the powers to generate electric from his fingertips. Four years pass, and Maxxion City is now threatened by the terrorist known only as Deathmask, whose schemes could destroy everyone. To save the city and its population, Kevin must find the strength within and become a hero.

The Who's Who:
Kevin Estelle/Electrode:
The protagonist, Kevin is always very shy and unable to tell his secret crush his feelings. When Kevin acts unselfishly, he is given the powers to generate electric from his fingertips and must decide whichever he should uses his powers to save lives.
Betsy Jeckinson:
A beautiful girl, who is the subject of Kevin's secret attraction. She had suffered from heartbreaks but focus on her business life leading to her to become the assistant to the CEO of Maxx Corp.
A terrorist wearing an all black suit and a mask with a skull on front of it, Deathmask seems unstoppable as he threats all of Maxxion City.
Written by Kenny Estes
Published by PublishAmerica
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