Carl Shutoff (clarinet in C) and Laurie Andres (accordion) constitute the Kesselgarden Klezmer Duo in Seattle, WA. We take our name from the way 
Yiddish-speaking Jews pronounced "Castle Garden", the facility on the southern tip of Manhattan where Jewish immigrants entered this country prior to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892. Among first and second generation Jews, the people we honor with our music, the term Kesselgarden was eventually generalized to mean any situation that was noisy, confusing and chaotic. We are a traditional band, playing music of the 19th and twentieth centuries, with original, sweet and joyful arrangements which are neither noisy nor confusing.

Kesselgarden will be performing at

Friday, October 20, 2017 at 730 pm
Join us for an evening of tunes from
Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and beyond.
Questions? Call at 206-949-8562 or send us an email at


Watch an excerpt of our CD Release event:

Listen to a track from our CD:

Listen to this lovely Ukrainian Waltz,

this Sher from the collection of Moishe Beregovski.

and this hora from the repertoire of German Goldenshteyn.


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Call Carl at 206-523-2271 (home) or 206-949-8562 (cell),

 Laurie at 206-784-3477.


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They play with feeling and grace...

author: The Jewish Week - George Robinson
****1/2 Readers of a certain age may recognize the title of this spirited duet recording as a Yiddishized pronunciation of Castle Garden, located on the
southern tip of Manhattan, where immigrants were processed upon their arrival in the Goldene Medina. Andres, who plays accordion, and Shutoff, a clarinetist,
 evoke the turn-of-the-century period with a deftly played album of well-chosen tunes from the period. They draw heavily on “International Hebrew Wedding
Music,” a 1916 portfolio of tunes, and as a result have found some delightfully unfamiliar material. More important, they play with feeling and grace.

This is a landmark Klezmer CD!

author: J.G.Wisnia
***** This is the very best Klezmer music that I have come across in many years!  Kesselgarden is a landmark CD, performed by two superb musicians.  A
brilliant variety of musical selections are artistically and heartfully interpreted for clarinet and accordion.  Kesselgarden deserves to be listened to over and
over again.

Breathtakingly performed music of joy and sadness

author: J. Undank
***** This is Klezmer music played with superb craftsmanship and feeling. The arrangements for clarinet and accordion are magnificent, lively and
overwhelmingly original. Dances, Shers, Khosidls, Kolomeykes, Horas, Bulgars, and--hold your breath--astonishingly lovely waltzes come in for breathtaking
interpretations, lovingly performed. One doesn't have to be a musician to appreciate the beauty and nuances of the music--clearly born of happy and sad
moments in Europe and the United States in the early century. What a pleasure to listen to! Bravo to Carl Shutoff and Laurie Andres, who bring all this
triumphantly to us!