Parent-Teacher Conferences

The following is a list of things you should do prior to requesting a conference. After trying all of the suggestions below, you may find that there is no need for a parent-teacher conference.   

1. Check the Student Progress Center for most recent grades.

2. Communicate with your child's teacher(s).  The best way to reach a teacher is via email. Teacher's email addresses can be found here.  Be sure to place your child's name in the subject area of the email and give the teacher 24 hours to respond.  This is an important step to take.  We have found that most issues are resolved once the parents and teachers start communicating. 

3. Discuss with your child his or her class performance.  Make sure assignments with descriptions, as well as grades, are being recorded in a day planner.  Click here for tips on how to record assignments in a planner. 

4. Visit teacher's communication sites for class information (if applicable).  

5. If after following these steps you find a need for a conference, email Ms. Simmons at  Parent -Teacher Conferences are scheduled through the counselor's office.