Individual Graduation Plan

One of the most important activities for student success is the development and annual review of an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).  The purpose of the IGP is to guide the next academic year's coursework, assist in exploring education and career possibilities, support making appropriate secondary and post-secondary education decisions, as well as post-high school workforce plans.  It is reviewed and updated as necessary to identify the courses to be taken each year until required core courses are complete and graduation requirements for the chosen diploma pathway are met.  The IGP includes the following five components:

1. Student Demographics
2. Academic Goals
3. High School Graduation Requirements
4. Financial Aid Completion Date
5. Annual signatures from parent/legal guardian and student

Tips for Completing the IGP

1. Download a blank copy of the IGP and Course Catalog from the left sidebar under Quick Links.

2. If you have questions about which core course you should take next, talk with your current teacher.   

3. If you are unsure about career plans, take the interest inventorUnlock My Future to explore careers based on your talent and interest.

4. Schedule a meeting with your counselor to review goals and plans.  The most effective way to reach Ms. Simmons is by email at

5. Save the IGP on your student Google Drive; You may also store a copy of the IGP in LOSFA's Louisiana Award System Student Hub