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Please consult with your counselor before enrolling in classes off campus. Off campus courses can have an adverse effect on your GPA.


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Five Key Elements for Academic Success at Magnet High

1. Keep a daily planner
2. Do all your homework
3. Keep track of your grades
4. Develop effective study habits
5. Apply the knowledge

We call this method a classic because students have found it useful since the early 1960's. Click the above link for more details on how to apply the SQ3R study method. 
1. Survey: Read chapter outlines, chapter headings, recaps, objectives
2. Question: Formulate questions you believe will be addressed in reading i.e. Why? and How?
3. Read: Read material actively; try to answer previously formulated questions
4. Recite: Explain aloud to yourself or another person what you have read
5. Review: Go back over what you have learned
Tip: Compare what you have read in your textbook to notes from your teacher. If you discover discrepancies in the material, talk to your teacher and get clarity. To test your knowledge, always answer questions at the end of chapter.

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Teachers are also available before or after school. Schedule time to visit with your teachers via email on face-to-face.  Remember, teachers are the best resource for helping you to pass their class.

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