PAWS New England

Holiday Gifts to Save Lives!

Dear PAWS Supporters,

Below are the 2009 PAWS Holiday Season items we have for sale. Now you can can indulge in a little shopping and know that your money is going to an excellent cause. 100% of the profits from the sale of these pet items will be the funds we use to save dogs from the Tipton Pound. Your shopping will give dogs a new leash on life! Because of our financial difficulties over the last few months, we closed our rescue to new dogs. As PAWS is one of the only rescues that pulls from Tipton Animal Control and their euthanasia rate is approximately 85%, our services are desperately needed. Quite simply, the more we raise, the more lives we will save during this holiday season. So please- shop away! All the dogs at the Tipton pound thank you for your generosity.

Happy Shopping!
The Volunteers and Pups at PAWS

All items can be purchased through Paypal by using your Paypal account or a credit card. When using a credit card, you DO NOT need to have a Paypal Account.


To ensure Christmas delivery, please make your order
by December 14th!

Item #1- Matching Collars/ Leashes

Kerrie Beck is a PAWS Mom who adopted two littermates from PAWS in '07 and has been an incredible supporter of the organization! She has an amazing store on and makes all sort of beautiful handcrafted items. She has graciously agreed to donate 40% of any of the items sold below.

Price: $18.00 per collar

(Small Dogs)                          (Medium and Large Dogs)

$26.00 per 6 ft. leash


                   "Dapper Dog"                                  "Mini Pupcake Green"                                "Elephant Fun"

                  "Mini Pupcake Pink"                              "Moody Blues"                                             "Rock Star Blue" 


        "Pupcake Cupcake Pink"                          "Rock Star Pink"

Description: 6ft leashes in matching patterns are available for all of the collars pictured above. We use only heavy duty buckles and d-rings. Available collar sizes: X-Small (5/8" wide) fits necks 7"-11"; Small (5/8" wide) fits necks 10"-15"; Small (1" wide) fits necks 10"-15";Medium (1" wide) fits necks 12"-19"; Large (1" wide) fits necks 15"-24"; Extra Large (1" wide) fits necks 17"-29" To measure your pup for a collar: Use a soft tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around the pets neck snugly, but NOT tight , leaving one fingers room. Take the exact measurement and ADD ONE INCH. This is the smallest size your pet can wear. Remember this number when ordering, use that number as your guide. If you do not have a soft tape measure, use a piece of string and the instructions above. Mark where the end of the string lines up with the string around the pets neck. Lay it out on a ruler to measure. Take the exact measurement and ADD ONE INCH, this is the smallest size your pet should wear.

Item #2- The "Pocket"
Price: $18.00

This is another creative item from Kerrie Beck!

Introducing the The Pocket, the functional and fashionable treat and training pouch. The Pocket clips right onto your belt loop (don't have belt loops? Just clip it to your waist band!) leaving your pockets clean - no more cookie crumbs in your pockets. The Pocket give you easy access to your treats with the elasticated front, no more hands stuck in your treat pouch. With lots of color and pattern choices, you will no longer have to suffer by wearing an unflattering treat pouch or fanny pack. Measures 6 inches long by 5 inches wide.

Item #3- Couture Dog Bowl
Price: $20.00
Doggie A-GoGo and Kitty A-GoGo Bowl Sets are what every pet should have for their dining experience. These specially designed bowls are much healthier on your pet's digestion and offer style to your home at the same time! The bowl sets are especially great for pets with flat noses and senior pets. From wee little doggies to medium size doggies, the bowl sets hold one cup of water and two cups of food. The GoGo Bowl Set includes two bowls (6" diameter x 3" high) and one tray (14 3/4 x 10). The tray will not only serve your pet in the style they deserve, but will also catch excess food and water. The sets are made of lightweight melamine, will not chip or fade, are dishwasher safe, and come in a pretty poppy red color. These beautiful gifts are donated by the Pet Lounge in loving Memory of Dakota.

Item#4- Little Bungalo Personalized Painting of your dog

Price: $20.00

Jessica Fitzwater is a talented artist who created the "Little Bungalo Designs" company. She creates unique 4"x4" paintings based on a digital photo of your furbaby! Jessica has graciously agreed to do a special "PAWS Edition" painting and is donating a generous portion of each painting to help PAWS. If you have adopted a PAWS rescue dog, you can order this edition to celebrate how much rescue means to you! The traditional edition makes a wonderful gift for any dog owner. Order one (or ten!) today!

Please do not forget to email a photo of the dog(s) to: The photo must be named in this format: nameofthedog_yourlastname.jpg

PAWS Edition

Standard Edition

Item #5- Christmas and Doggie Themed Magnets
Price: $6.00 each/ each additional magnet is $5.00

If you have adopted a dog through PAWS New England, chances are you have emailed with or met Christina Messier. Christina is one of the pillars of the PAWS organization and we owe much our success to her organization skills and unwavering dedication. Christina blew us away when she revealed her very artistic self through these magnets! Each magnet is 3 x 6 in and they feature "Doggie Designs" and "Holiday Designs."  Below are a few samples of magnets, but please email Christina here to see her full collection! To order these magnets, please click here.

Item #6- PAWS T-Shirt
Price: $20.00

What better way to support rescue and show how much you love your pet then by wearing this T-shirt. The front has a PAWS logo and asks, "Who Adopted Who?" The back states, "Until There Are None, Adopt One!"  Available in size S-XXL. Click on photos for larger view.

Item #7- Blank Greeting Card
Price: $15.00 per 10 cards

This outstanding picture was taken by adopter Jenny Bergman. Jenny and her partner Jane adopted "Nanny" from our group almost a year ago. Nanny had been found on the side of the road desperately clawing at a closed cardboard box. A good Samaritan stopped to see what she was so upset about and found that someone had duck-taped Nanny's litter of puppies in the box. Nanny's terrible start to life was completely turned around by her incredible family. Nanny is pictured in this photo with foster Mom Heather Gutshall and we think it captures the essence of dog rescue. This makes a beautiful card for just about any occasion- please purchase a package today! This image on the card is displayed below.