Welcome to the Kerwin Lab home page.The Kerwin Lab is a synthetic medicinal chemistry group interested in drug design and discovery. We work at the interface of organic, medicinal, and biochemistry. 


3/12/19: ChemBioChem communication "N-Methylmesoporphyrin IX Exhibits G-quadruplex Specific Photocleavage Activity" published.
1/24/19: Molecules paper "Preparation and Utility of N-Alkynyl Pyrroles in Synthesis" is published in the Special Issue "Alkynes: From Reaction Design to Applications in Organic Synthesis"
10/31/18: Harrision Bracey defended his Texas State University MS thesis "Prevention of G-quadruplex folding by ligand-mediated stabilization of the G-triplex intermediate".  Next stop for Harrision: The Houra Merrikh lab at Vanderbilt University.
2/22/17: Collaborative project on non-canonical DNA structures paper "Alternative DNA structure formation in the mutagenic human c-MYC promoter" published in Nucleic Acids Research

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