Welcome to the Kerwin Lab home page.The Kerwin Lab is a synthetic medicinal chemistry group interested in drug design and discovery. We work at the interface of organic, medicinal, and biochemistry. 


8/20/18:  Zachary Schwartz presents poster describing a scalable synthesis of rooperol and analogues at the ACS National meeting in Boston.
7/2/18: Kimber Long defended her Texas State University MS thesis "c-MYC G-Quadruplex DNA Structures: Characterization and Photocleavage ".  Next stop for Kimber: the Biological Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry PhD program at University of Texas at Austin.
4/23-25/18:  SMK group members present at ASBMB meeting in San Diego
Collaborative project on non-canonical DNA structures paper "Alternative DNA structure formation in the mutagenic human c-MYC promoter" published in Nucleic Acids Research


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