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Workout of the Week

Warm-up 400 easy                                         400

16 x 25 from middle (work turns)                   400

200 under water freestyle*                             200                                  

sprint 4 x 100 free on 3:00                              400

100 easy                                                           100

Kick 200 choice                                               200

16 x 25 any stroke                                            400                                sprint first half of each lap on first 8                                                               sprint second half of each lap on last 8

warm down 200                                                200

TOTAL                                                            2300

*swim under water with under the body recovery (breathe as necessary)

Not enough?  Multiply by 2 and write a thank you note to your third grade          teacher.                                                                                                      

Too much?  Divide by 2 and write a thank you note to your fourth grade teacher.

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