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Abraham, Moses and Elohim attempts to answer the question: "Does God exist?" And if so, "Who or what is He?" and "Who or what created life itself?" A single cosmic catastrophic event could destroy life on Earth in an instant. Only a God who can control time and space can save us. There is only one who can.

Darla the Muse is a fictional story about one man's obsession with a woman who inspires his writing. In addition to her prayers on his behalf, his letter to her eventually permits him entry into the afterlife. However, his questionable character must be tested a final time to ensure that he has developed an adequate moral compass... or face a second and final death, from which there is no return.

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"This discovery will re-write our history books!"
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     In The True Story of Noah, I describe where Noah's ark came to rest almost 5,000 years ago. After examining all of the ancient texts available on this subject, then simply looking at satellite images of the location that was hinted at in the texts, I was suddenly awestruck! Lo and behold !!! There sat an isolated hill in Mesopotamia with the scars on a rocky outcrop where Noah's ark grounded to a halt following the Great Flood. Until that moment, this precise location had been lost to history over four millennia.

     I encourage anyone who is curious about this subject to get a copy of the book in order to learn why the ark grounded where it did. Examine Noah's "Hill of Salvation" for yourself. It
sits next to the dry riverbed of the ancient Euphrates River that once flowed around it. Anyone can find its precise coordinates on a detailed map of the area.

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  • Darla the Muse: The Beauty Who Saved a Beast is the story of one man's obsession with a younger woman who inspires him to create a single work of art. His written words to her eventually permit him entry into the afterlife, because of her prayers on his behalf. However, his questionable character must be tested one final time to ensure he has developed an adequate moral compass to live eternally in paradise with her. Otherwise, he faces a second and final death, from which there is no return.
  • The True Story of Noah reveals where the "Hill of Salvation" is located today and how I discovered it!
  • An American Holocaust: The Story of Lataine's Ring                           This is a story that begins with the giving of a child's Christmas gift 75 years ago in 1936. It is followed by the worst public school disaster in American History. The tragedy took place at the London School in New London, Texas on March 18,1937 and is still impacting the world to this day.
  • Elohim: Ancient Science Fiction or Biblical God?                                   Have you ever wondered who first penned the bible and where its familiar stories originated? Some say much of it was written by Moses a thousand years before that. Others believe it to be a collection of tales told generation after generation around the campfires of nomads. Were the authors of the Book of Genesis inspired by an all-powerful God or the most ancient science fiction story ever written? You decide.                    
  • Elohim II: Ascension of the King                                                                    This book is the sequel to Elohim: Ancient Science Fiction or Biblical God? It explores what may have been and offers a glimpse at those who could soon be returning to Earth in our very near future. Was Elohim truly God, an alien being, or a mere mortal from another time?
  • Elohim III: The Return                                                                                   This is the third and final book in my controversial "Elohim" series. It examines critical events in world history related to UFO activity and reveals the next stage in mankind's rapidly approaching evolution... or possible extinction. "The future is here!"
  • High Times & Rough Rides of a Bipolar Addict
    "If anyone can prevent even a single child or teenager from repeating the mistakes described in this book... or help a loved one or family member avoid unnecessary future suffering... then my struggles will not have been in vain." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From the Author

"I am a native Texan and proud of it. My family's heritage in the state predates the American Civil War when they came to Texas on horses and in covered wagons to homestead the land. One of my great grandparents was a Native American Blackfoot, a genetic fact that some believe explains my intolerance for injustice and hard liquor. My daughter was awarded a college scholarship a few years ago by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the oldest patriotic women’s organization in Texas. The Wright brothers of Kitty Hawk, President Grover Cleveland, and General Robert E. Lee are all listed in our family tree.

Following my retirement from MHMR in 2007, I began visiting ancient cultural sites in the US, Mexico, and Europe, while researching ancient biblical mysteries and writing a few very controversial books. Most readers appreciate them, but some despise what I have revealed with a passionate fervor. I am just grateful that we, as American citizens, all have the freedom to openly express our opinions and ideas fearlessly. There are other countries I have visited, where the books I have written would most likely be banned... and a few where outspoken authors (like Salman Rushdie) are still targeted for persecution or worse.

Not long ago, I received a personal message from a Facebook friend who recently subscribed to my Author Fan Page. She wrote:
"I have just finished reading An American Holocaust and it brought me to tears. I honestly did not know of this tragedy until recently. I grew up in the Midwest a few decades after the event. I suppose you grew up knowing about it. I knew the smell was added to natural gas, but didn't know this event triggered it's important addition. Very touching story and full of personal accounts. I am more appreciative of life having read it. Thank you."
The chapters within each of my books can potentially provide at least one or more answers to some of your own personal,  fundamental questions. I hope you find them entertaining as well." --Kerry L. Barger

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