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Ireland's Pride Festivals

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 Kerry Pride  Waterford Pride  Belfast Pride  Cork Pride  Limerick Pride
   Dublin Pride  Kilkenny Pride  Northwest Pride  
       Galway Pride  

Ciarrai Amach has a focus on the visibility of our community as well as a social and support aspect.

Um, yes we do exist even in the 
Feel Free to Join us when you see us out & about @ the National Prides in 2013!                             

We try to represent Kerry LGBT and bring our Banner to as many of the Pride Parades during the year that at least two of our members can attend.

We encourage people to come along/join in with us who come from Kerry. We have met many on our travels, dispersed all over the country.

We also have had a few blow ins who were not from the Kingdom but we don't mind as its fun and Prides are a way to express yourself like no other!

Anyone who does not wish to be in the public photos Ciarrai Amach respects this and have all been there ourselves and some of us are still behind the scenes ........ So have no fear come and join us at one of these events :-)

Its a great way to socialise and meet others. These events are becoming more popular in the community 3,000 people turned out for Cork Pride in 2009.

Watch out for us in this Video of Cork Pride '09 
Kerry Gay and Lesbian Banner     

Dublin Pride celebrated 25 years in '08
We were there!! and hopefully Kerry LGBT's will make the next 25

Happy Prides Everyone!!



Kerry Pride



June Bank Holiday





Kilkenny Pride


Cork Pride

August Bank Holiday







 We are here too! Behind the yellow bus 3/4's way through           
         Limerick Pride 2009 Kerry Gay and Lesbian Banner

Check us out with our Kerry Gay and Lesbian Banner Limerick Pride '08