Welcome to Mr. Kerr's classroom website.

Matheson Jr. High School, 3650 S. Montclair St.
Magna, UT. 84044
email: rkerr@graniteschools.org                                                         
  • 385-646-4085 ex. 3030 Classroom phone
    (If possible, please call before or after school as to not interrupt the lesson)
  • 385-646-5290 Main office

Class Description:  This self-contained class will focus on functional academic skills based on Utah State core curriculum standards as determined by students’ current ability levels.


Materials:  All Matheson students are required to carry paper, pencil and planner to each class.

Paper and pencils will be provided from the classroom budget.

Matheson School Planners: The planner is a wonderful way to communicate messages about up-coming school and home events. Students are rewarded each morning for parent’s signature from the night before. All books/materials are classroom sets only (students will be allotted sufficient classroom time to complete their assignments). Inexpensive classroom donations are always appreciated such as school or art supplies, Kleenex, antibacterial wipes and hand-sanitizer.


Class-work Expectations:  The majority of student work will be completed in class in a variety of ways. This will include the student demonstrating, writing about or speaking to their understanding of a functional or academic concept.

If students miss class, assignments must be made up. If the absence is excused, full credit will be given for assignments completed within one week.  If the absence is unexcused, partial credit will be given for assignments completed within one week.


Grading:  Grades will be based on three criteria:

·         Participation and attendance       40%

·         Assignments/tests                      60%


Grading Scale:

A   =   94-100%           B+   =  87-89                C+   =   77-79              D+   =   67-69

A-  =  90-93                 B     =  84-86                C     =   74-76               D     =   64-66

                                    B-    =  80-83                C-    =   70-73               D-    =  60-63

                                                                                                               F     =   59 and below


Citizenship:  Citizenship will be follow school and Granite School District policy


Classroom Rules/ Expectations For Students:

  • Follow directions the first time they given
  • Be in seat and on task when bell rings
  • Listen quietly when someone else is talking
  • Positive verbal interaction (no swearing, putdowns, etc.)
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self

Privileges for Following Rules/Expectations

  • Verbal praise
  • Positive notes and/or phone calls to inform the parents
  • Extra points given
  • Personalized individual and group rewards
  • Class Store

Consequences for Not Following Rules/Expectations

  • Verbal prompt
  • Seat away from fellow students with work and a loss of classroom privileges
  • Teacher conference with student
  • Teacher conference with parent/guardian

All Matheson Jr. High students are expected to comply with the rules and expectations listed in the student hand book.


Serious Clause

Students who violate the District’s Safe School Policy or are unsafe to self or others will automatically be referred to administration.



This is going to be another great year. Our classroom paraeducators, and I are very excited about working with parents/guardians to provide and enriched learning opportunity for each student in our classroom. If you would like to contact me for any reason please refer to the contact information above.