*Teachers information: Where possible notes for the following sites are identified for your convienience.

Two Australian families have accepted the eco challenge to turn their lives around by changing their daily usage of water, transport, energy and waste removal. One family is led by an ex-army commando father, who uses this opportunity to teach his four children survival skills. The other, more affluent family members are consumer addicts like most of us, and begin to flounder without their usual lifestyle resources. Visit the Eco House.
Eco house Challenge*Teachers notes are provided
A subsection of Origin Energy Education these pages provide information about four types of energy. It includes: Wind energy, Solar energy, Hydro and Biomass. Some include flash examples such as the Wind energy page.
*Teachers notes are providedRenewable Energy
Part of the Kidwind project a detailed description of electricity, how it is generated, it's uses in daily life and how it is measured. Diagrams are also provided.
Electricity basics*Includes a comprehensive teachers section
Part of the Kidwind project a detailed description of wind energy, including: How Wind Turbines Work and Wind Energy Growth, Diagrams are also provided.
*Includes a comprehensive teachers sectionWind power basics
A multimedia presentation about how renewable energy is used. Although American based it provides some relevant information and statistics. Last updated in 2008.
How much renewable energy do we use?*Includes a comprehensive teachers section
Loads of information for students about energy. Sections include: Energy facts, Sources of energy, Non renewable energy covers, Oil (petroleum). Natural gas, Coal and Uranium. Renewable energy inclues: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro and Ocean. Also included are: Electricity and Hydrogen. Their are also sections for Uses of energy. Science of energy and Saving energy.
*Classroom activities are also providedEIA Kids page
A fantastic site with loads of information that covers all aspects of Energy! Energy basics, Energy and the environment, Fun and games and loads more.

For teachers: Learn more about the new Alliant Energy Kids curriculum for third- and fourth-graders. You'll find lesson plans and hands-on projects about energy safety and energy conservation. American based

Alliant energy kids*A teachers section is also provided
How much renewable energy do we use?*Includes a comprehensive teacher's section
Part of the larger Planet Earth section of Kidcyber this page contains an explanation of solar energy and it's uses in everyday life. Links to more comprehensive sites are also provided.
*Additional links providedSolar energy
From National Geographic information about solar energy. A number of videos are also provided. Included are: Solar power; Solar cooking: The Vatican goes solar. An energy quiz is also provided.
Solar power*A teachers section is also provided
From National Geographic an interactive simulation about Harnessing the power of wind. How it works, Inside a wind turbine, Generating power, Try it out and Learn more.
Additional videos providedWind Power Interactive
From Energy Australia this interactive site provides information for students. Amy takes the children on a story book look at energy. Includes: games, downloads and a teacher section. Suitable for prep-2.
Save energy with Amy*A teachers lab is also included
From The children's University of Manchester this page provides an explanation of Energy and the environment

*Additional links to information also providedRenewable and non-renewable energy
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