Endangered Animals

General links

Our endangered animals
 :- An alphabetical list of endangered animals. Why are animals disappearing? A comprehensive list of endangered animals, including a teachers page and lessons. 

Endangered species of Australia :- Loads of links and information pages for both students and teachers.

Endangered species :- In Australia we have a high number of species that can only be found here. Learn about some of our endangered native animals.

Endangered species :- When a species is threatened it is a warning that there is a problem of some kind with the species. If an animal or plant is threatened it means that it may become endangered if we don't take immediate steps to protect it.

Choose your animal :- A list of endangered animals with facts, videos, photos and more.

Bagheera :-  Learn all about the world’s endangered animals at this amazing interactive site. Choose an animal from the alphabetical listings to learn about the Mountain Gorilla’s of Africa to Tigers in Crisis in Siberia. Screensavers, download images, links and more are available. Windows Media Player required.

Endangered Earth :- Promoting the Plight of Endangered Species and the Efforts to Save Them.

Endangered animals quiz :-  Subsection of Little Explorers site, this page contains a 15 questions quiz about endangered animals.    

Endangered species: A Webquest for 4th Grade Science :- As an Endangered Animal Specialist, you will research an endangered animal and present its description, habitat, food web, adaptations, reasons for endangerment, and other critical information to convince groups and individuals to do their part to preserve the unique animal species we have on the earth today. 

Especies Fact Sheets :- This site contains information on the Endangered Species Act, and an index of fact sheets on numerous endangered animals. Most of the fact sheets contain illustrations.

12 Animals from India :- A list of animals on the endangered list from India. Links to further information is provided.

Coloring book: Animals :- Coloring book, containing many endangered species. Pdf file


Chimpanzees :- Information about chimps, including habitat, size, status etc.

Chimpanzee facts :- 
Things to Know About Chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees :- From National Geographic Creature Features, loads of information, videos and facts about chimps. 

Chimpanzee :- Some basic facts from SeaWorld Busch.

All about Chimpanzees :- This site for kids introduces chimpanzees' anatomy, size, diet, behavior, and more. Includes a map showing where they are located. Don't miss the links at the top to a labeled coloring page.

Chimpanzee colouring book :- Click on the thumbnail to print.


Tigers in crisis :- Information about tiger species, video, and images available.

Tiger :- From BBC Wildlife information, videos and more.

Tiger :- 
Wild tiger numbers are at an all-time low. The largest of all the Asian big cats may be on top of the food chain and one of the most culturally important and best-loved animals, but they are also vulnerable to extinction. 

All about tigers :- From Enchanted learning, information about this endangered animal, with printable worksheets, quizzes and more.

Tigers :- San Diego Children's Zoo, meet Bianca. Contains images and videos. 

Bengal tiger :- Learn about Bengal tigers, including the rare white tiger. Includes fun facts the dangers it faces.

White Bengal tiger :- Learn about these rare big cats.

Siberian tigers :- Many conservation programs have been established to save the critically endangered Siberian tiger, whose numbers have dwindled to mere hundreds in the wild.

Siberian tiger :-  From Enchanted learning information about the Siberian tiger with a printable label sheet.



Leopards :- From Kidsplanet, information about these beautiful cats.

Leopard :- From Enchanted learning basic facts about leopards and includes a labeled illustration.

Leopard :- From BBC Wildlife information, videos and more.

Leopards : - From San Diego Zoo information about leopards and the reason they're endangered.

Fun leopard facts :- Check out our awesome range of animal facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom.


Endangered species game :- Colour, draw and share.

Endangered animals game :- Interactive games where you have to catch the animal and answer their questions!


Endangered species webquest :- Learn why many species on Earth have become endangered and to educate others about them in order to help preserve the diversity of life on Earth.

Endangered animals webquest :- Many animal species are endangered and, unless something is done to help them, they could disappear forever.   The first step to doing something is to understand the problem.  Are you ready to help?

Save the animals :- The Federal government has allocated funds to the National Cloning Board to enable it to produce clones of species most endangered or endangered species popularly considered most worthy of saving.

Lesson plans

What is an Endangered Species? :- This activity challenges students to think about what it means to be an endangered species and what causes a species to become endangered. For 7-11 year olds. Includes a Lesson plan document and powerpoint presentation.

People and endangered species
This lesson provides students with an overview of some endangered species and of the ways that human activities contribute to species endangerment. When studying these topics, it is important to provide students with a sense of optimism and to help them figure out ways they can help protect species. Students will be asked to devise their own species protection plans.

Ecobuddies worksheets :- A number of printable worksheets about endangered animals, includes crossword puzzles and colouring pages.

Endangered animals :- Although designed to be used with 4 books, the lessons provided could be adapted to suit.

Monthly themes: Endangered animals :- Lessons include: Persuasive writing, worksheets, art activities and more.

Endangered species :- Printable worksheets for many endangered animals. Available in pdf. 

Endangered animal printouts :- From Enchanted learning printable worksheets for numerous endangered animals. An alphabetical list of animals from around the world is also provided. 

Endangered species report planner :- A three page pdf for students to plan their research topic. 

Endangered animals trading cards :- Printable cutouts where students name an endangered animal, habitat, diet, predators and list the reason the animal is endangered. 

Endangered species report :- A printable worksheets for students.

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