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Coat of Arms

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My name is David Charles Stiver.

  I am the son of Lois Louise (Kerr) Stiver, and the grandson of  Stanley McQuade Kerr (Starford, PA).   I am the g-grandson of Sylvester Grier Kerr and the gg-grandson of John Wallace Kerr.  My  ggg-grandfather was Charles Kerr and my gggg-grandfather was Valentine Kerr.  Much of our family history is available at  the Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA.  Most of my ancestors settled around western Pennsylvania.  Their occupations varied, however most worked as carpenters, coal miners, and railroad men.  Many also served with the northern  army during the Civil War.  I hope you find this information both useful and enlightening.  More importantly, I hope it proves valuable to you in your search for your roots.   

 Thank you and God bless.


Ancient Tartan

Ceremonial Tartan

Hunting Tartan

Ancient Tartan

Ceremonial Tartan

Hunting Tartan


Early European History

Valentine and Hannah (Barr) Kerr

 Family Emblem

Charles and Isabella (Thomas) Kerr

 Ceremonial Tartan

John Wallace and Mary (Kunkel) Kerr

   Hunting Tartan

John Wallace and Nancy (McAlister) Kerr

 Kerr Family Association of America

Sylvester Grier and Annetta Catherine (Ginter) Kerr

 Great Scots!!

Stanley McQuade and Martha Keziah (Wassam) Kerr

  Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA.

William Kenneth and Lois Louise (Kerr) Stiver

Kerr Family Web

David Charles and Diana Kay (Dosher) Stiver

Civil War Veterans/Military Info. Sites

 Stiver Family History


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Scottish Lion
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A shining sun Sero sed serio - Late but in earnest
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Cearr, MacGhillechearr Ker, Carr, Carre, Cessford

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