Welcome to the Kernville Bike Park!

The Kernville Bike Park is a community bike park on Kernville Chamber of Commerce land.  Popular with local families, it also attracts every type of visiting mountain biker.

The Park includes a Mountain Bike Skills Course, Pump Track, Singletrack loop, and a competition-level BMX Track.  

The Bike Park has been the site of BMX racing, and will  host pump track,  mountain bike, and kids races in 2014. 

The bike park is 100% operated by volunteers and donations. 
If you would like to volunteer and any way, give suggestions, donate to a specific project, or conduct BMX or Mountain Bike races, please contact us.

The Bike Park is operated/managed by a committee of 9 in conjunction with the Kernville Chamber of commerce.

Constant improvements and bike park additions are being made by volunteers! 

Mountain Bike Skills Course and Pump Track are always free and open to the public. Open during daylight hours.

Contact  Email: alexba@earthlink.net or kernvillebikepark@gmail.com

Top photo courtesy of Decline Magazine and Photo Jon; Lower photo by Jeff Block.