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About Me

I have been providing technology support for educators for over ten years. I started my career as an elementary teacher at the Parawai School in New Zealand and I am presently an Educational Technologist in central Maine at Regional School Unit #19

I have conducted professional development in technology at district, state and national levels. I have  always loved working with students with a special focus on having them teach others. I believe strongly that when students teach others, the experience gives everyone involved more than just learning the content. Technology has become a natural medium for the roles of teacher and learner to become interchangeable. 

     Contact Information
    Title: Educational Technologist 
     School: R.S.U. #19
     Email: kernkelley@gmail.com
     Skype: kernkelley
     Phone: (207) 518-8785
     Twitter: kernkelley
     Blog:    www.thetechcurve.com

  (Google Teacher Academy, Sydney Australia)

  (Yarmouth Google Transition Day)
  (Northern Maine Superintendents Meeting)
  (N.H. Science Teacher's Association)
  (Google Workshop for Educators, Ontario)

  (Maine ACTEM Conference)

  (Google Teacher Academy U.K.)

  (Google Workshop for Administrators)

  (Building Learning Communities #blc10)

  (KCI Merit)

  (ASCD Conference)

  (Teach to Learn Conference)

  (Big 1to1 Conference)

  (Maine Student Conference)

  (Kennebec Valley Superintendents Assoc.)
  (Google Teacher Academy for Administrators)

  (R.S.U. #19 Workshop)

  (PLP Digital Storytelling Presentation)
  (R.S.U. #19 Workshop)
  (R.S.U. #19 Workshop)
January 14th, 2010
  (R.S.U. #19 Workshop)
 (Google Teacher Academy)

 (iPod Touch in Education - K12 Online Conference)

 (Google Workshop for Educators - ACTEM)
 (R.S.U. #19 Technology Workshop)

 (Google Teacher Academy - Boulder, Colorado)
 (Google Workshop for Educators  - Rutgers Uni.)

 (Google Teacher Academy - New York)

 (ACTEM Conference - Tech Teams)

 (Google Teacher Academy - Chicago)