Beginner Gmail and Calendar



The Tool: Gmail
The Learning Module: Module 2

Links to Gmail Help Pages:

Are you just getting started with Gmail?

Looking to learn something new about Gmail?
  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Priority Inbox
  3. Tasks (if you select this, spend a few minutes converting emails to tasks, and then ARCHIVE the email)
  4. Create relevant Canned Messages

Challenge yourself!!

  1. Install and use the Send to Gmail Extension in Chrome
  2. Set up offline Gmail
  3. Download Boomerang for Gmail from the Chrome Apps Store and schedule e-mail to be sent at a later date
  4. Send SMS text messages right from Gmail
  5. Gmail Delegation - grant access to your account

Google Voice in the Classroom

The Tool: Calender
The Learning Module: Module 3

Links to Calendar Help Pages:

Additional Resources for Calendar:

Getting started with Calendar.

Looking to learn something new about Calendars?

Challenge yourself!!