KKPTA Dad's Club

The KKPTA Dad's Club is made up of KK Dad's who are involved and enthusiastic about the education of their children and their experience at Kermit King!

If you are interested in joining our Dad's Club or volunteering or just want more information, please contact our Chairman - Russ Lomanto at russlomanto@gmail.com.

We love to have you involved!

For 2010-11, the Dad's Club will meet

Oct: Tues. the 13th & Wed. the 26th

Nov: Tues. the 16th & Tues. the 30th

Dec: Wed. the 15th

Jan:  Wed. the 5th & Tues. the 18th

Feb: Wed. the 2nd & Tues. the 15th

Mar: Tues. the 1st, Wed. the 16th & Tues. the 29th

Apr:  Wed. the 13th & Tues. the 26th

May: Wed. the 11th & Tues. the 24th

Jun:  Wed. the 8th