Kerim Peren ARIN

Welcome to my webpage. I received my BSc degree from Hacettepe University , Ankara, Turkey  and my MSc and my PhD degrees from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA, U.S.A .Then I worked in Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand for 7 years. Currently, I am a professor of economics at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE and a research associate at CAMA, Canberra, Australia. I was a visiting professor at a number of German Universities, including Goethe University of Frankfurt, University of Ulm and TU Dresden.

My research fields are applied macroeconomics and public economics. I have published extensively in monetary and fiscal policy, fiscal adjustment episodes, economics of privatization and economics of terrorism. Currently, I am interested in topics like social cohesion, ethnic/racial/religious tension, minorities, discrimination and behavioural issues related to macroeconomics. I am a seasoned ex-pat who lived in 5 different countries and an avid traveler who has been to over 40 countries. I also enjoy playing tennis and learning new languages.

I am also the founder of the ANZ Massey Economics Challenge, an annual nationwide economics competition in New Zealand for high-school students, and the co-founder of the Abu Dhabi Meeting of Economists, which brings academics from all corners of the UAE together every year.