Introduction - As Doctoral Student

My name is Keri Duncan Valentine and I am a third year doctoral student in the Learning, Design, and Technology program in the Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology Department at The University of Georgia. I'm enjoying my third UGA experience and excited to be in a program that connects learning, design, and technology in an interdisciplinary manner. Previously, I earned a masters degree in middle school education with concentrations in science/math and a bachelors degree in comparative religion.

Clichéd as this might sound, I view myself as a "hardcore" lifelong learner. Sometimes my inner compulsion and determination to pursue many interests simultaneously has been challenging. Knowing there would never be enough time in my life to learn and experience everything, I've become a diverse hobbyist outside of school and work. Feel free to see some of my latest non-academic artifacts.

Reflecting on my journey thus far brings back a memory from second grade. My results from a job interest survey revealed that architecture would be a fitting career path - and it's always been my second choice. Funny that I wound up on a closely related path - an architect of instruction.
Currently, I am intrigued by design-based research, contextual and ill-structured design problems in mathematics, and a genuine search for instructional principles that align with our increasingly complex world.

My friends and family usually describe me as most determined and one that ALWAYS finishes what she starts, regardless of the barriers. Starting graduate school has been a daunting journey at times. I'm most appreciative of my husband and son's encouragement and reminders that I have the willpower for this, too. After completing the doctoral program, I intend to seek a faculty position that allows me to focus on research, teaching
, and partnering with the local K12 schools.


I started this site as part of a first year portfolio review. Some content may seem out of date, but I'm hoping it shows a journey rather than one moment in time. For more updated information, go to

I am currently working on a project for middle school geometry, which can be found: