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Angel In The Flames, The Silent Soul, Memory Of Roses, Shadow Of The Stars, Song Of The Heart, Aurora Borealis, Kurai, Soulfire, Goddess Of The Moon, Eris, Princess Of War, The Realm, Crimson Night, The Rose Princess and Companion

Welcome to the madness that is my innermost mind, I'm Keri, I'll be your tour-guide today. To your left, you'll see the link bar linking to novels that may be completed or in progress. The current project is the revisions and editing of Shadow Of The Stars, a Chronicles of Xenobia Novel, that tells the story of my Amazon Warrior, Dulcea, before her adventures with Castel, Persephone and Pelinor in Angel In The Flames.

On the left, you'll also see links to any interviews and reviews that have been posted about me online and a link to my published works. Following those links will take you to where you can preview and purchase my short stories and novels for your reading enjoyment.

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