What is a keratine?

Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. It is the main structural materials that make up outer layer of human skin. Keratin is the main structural component of hair and nails, too.
COCOCHOCO Complex Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 12 Units
I have very thin, wavy and frizzy hair. No matter what I do when I go outside it frizzes. So I was hoping this keratin treatment product would eliminate the frizz and it did. I didn't go to the salon to do it as it could be done easily at home. To have a 450 degree iron is a must. If you don't have it, don't do it as you won't be able to seal keratin in the hair. It said that I needed to wait 3-4 days but it is really a precaution. I could feel that keratin settled in 1 day as it stopped getting a wave here and there that needed to be flat ironed again as it appeared. I washed hair after 2 days. And it looks even better then after just applying keratin. Remember that you hair won't be stick straight as after Japanese treatment. Japanese treatment is bad for blond hair and it can fry it easily. I had it at the salon and my ends were fried.So I had to cut my hair very short. Keratin is good for any hair and the best thing you won't look like a fool when your hair starts growing and it is straight and wavy on the same head after Japanese treatment. After keratin it will go to your original condition. The only downfall of this product is the smell. Get the mask as you do it. Although it is a new generation of keratin and it smells like chocolate it does have a little bit of formaldehyde. Companies don't say it does but it really has it as the unpleasant smell goes in your nose and eyes can tear. Other then that I smell like chocolate every day as I bought shampoo to go with it. Not sure I will want to smell like chocolate anymore but it is ok! I just have to buy a different shampoo. Again it is me and you might love it! I just don't like to smell like food:)
This Curling irons feels solid, heats up quickly, really nice quality. I was about ready to spend $175 at my hair salon for a GHD but figured I'd try this first and return it if I was unhappy. It's an awesome flat iron. I'll be interested to see how it holds up over time. Comes with a heat resistant pouch. Heats up ultra-fast. I'm not knocking GHSD, from what I hear they're amazing, but this was less than a third of the price plus I am worried about GHD knockoffs. I had never heard of HSI (as far as I no they're not well-known) so no issue with knockoffs as opposed to the big names like CHI, GHD, etc. The results are fantastic and long-lasting on me Hair straightener