Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshmana Temple

Vennimala  Temple is one of the oldest Sree Rama Temples  in southern parts of India.  Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshmana temple  is situated in Puthupally in the Kottayam District. You can reach the temple through KK Road from Kottayam via Mannarkad  and is placed at about 15 kilometers from Kottayam.

It is believed that during their exile period of 14 years, Rama and Lakshmana came here, searching for Sita. It is said, when they came that side, they saw a group of sages, who were meditating in the caves.   The Sages requested Rama to kill the demons who were a threat as well as a nuisance to these sages.   So Rama asked Lakshmana to do what the sages wanted and Lakshmana did as he was asked to. The place came to be called as Vijayadri after the killing of the demons and later changed to Vennimala in the local dialect.

Cheraman Perumal Bhaskara Ravi Varma built the temple and according to the legends the temple was built at the instance of Kapila Maharishi. The King Cheraman Perumal is said to have reached the place  as per the astronomical directions and the idol was shown by a hunter named Iravi. Cheraman Perumal accepted Sree Rama as his king and declared that the Deity of the Temple will be called by the name Vennimala Perumal.

 There are flag masts located outside the nalambalam and an anapandal (the elephant portico) on the eastern side culminating in the dvara-sala. The Sastha shrine is located on the south-west side.  Bhagavathi, Nagaraja and Yakshi are also enshrined in the temple on the north-west side of the outer prakaram.

How to Reach Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshmana Temple?

If you are travelling by air, Kochi International airport at Nedumbassery will be the nearest. You can take Prepaid cabs or Bus transport to reach Vnnimala Sree Rama Lakhmana Temple.

Kottayam will be the nearest Railway station and is placed at about 14 kilometers away from the Temple.