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                   Hi, Welcome to the Kerala Quiz. This site is dedicated to the quiz related to Kerala. A 7-year life in Jamshedpur in the eastern India and the Kerala Samajam Quiz competitions there, made me think of making a simple website with just a lot of useful quiz questions instead of 'a lot of CLICKS', because when I searched a lot on the web I found very little. I just hope this will be useful for Quiz goers and the people here who write the PSC (Kerala Public Service Commission) examinations. Happy Reading!

Some Interesting facts about Kerala

  • Kerala is the first fully literate state of India.
  • Kerala is the first state in India which implemented Land and Education reform bills.
  • Kerala has the lowest birth rate in India.
  • Kerala has the least infant mortality rate in India.
  • Kerala is the state with maximum life expectancy.
  • Kerala is the only state with facilities of hospitals in every village.
  • Kerala is one of the 50 must visit places on earth according to the national geographic channel.
  • Kerala is the state with highest per capita alcoholic conception in India.
  • Kerala is the state with the highest rate of unemployment.
  • Kerala is the state with the highest suicidal rate in India.

Kerala Quiz Part 01

1) The year in which KSRTC was started?
2) Who is known as the Golden girl of Kerala?
3) The woman to become the first central minister?
4) The smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala?
5) The ship in which Vasco De Gamma came to Kappad?
6) The river which flows through Silent Valley?
7) The real name of Prem Nazir?
8) The only man made island of Kerala?
9) The only Malayalee diplomat who got portrayed two times in the postal stamp?
10) The official flower of Kerala?


 1). 1965  2). P. T Usha
 3). Lakshmi M. Menon  4). Valapattanam
 5). San Gabriel  6). Kunthipuzha
 7). Abdhul Kader  8). Wellington
 9). V. K. Krishna Menon  10). Kanikonna


Kerala Quiz Part 02

1). Where is Kerala’s first women police station?
2). First woman athlete to get Arjuna award?
3). Kerla’s first literature magazine?
4). Kerala’s first library?
5). The district with most number of post offices?
6). The district with most Muslim population?
7). Which is the hottest place in Kerala?
8). The biggest irrigation project?
9). The headquarters of Indian Telephone Industries?
10). Who is known as the Kerala Scott?


 1). Kozhikode  2). K. C . Alemma
 3). Vidya Vilasini  4). Thiruvanathapuram Public Library
 5). Thrissur  6). Malappuram
 7). Punaloor  8). Kallada
 9). Kanjikode 10). C. V. Raman Pillai

Kerala Quiz Part 03

1). Who is India’s first woman magistrate?
2). In which river side the famous Malayatoor pilgrim center situated?
3). Which place is known as the Holland of Kerala?
4). Who inaugurated the Mullaperiyar dam?
5). Who got the first Lalithambika Antharjanam Award?
6). The district with highest number of scheduled tribes??
7). Where is the forestry college situated?
8). The year of the first assembly election?
9). The year of Mappila lahala?
10). The year of first census in Thiruvithamkur?


 1). Mrs. Omanakunjamma  2). Periyar
 3). Kuttanad  4). Lord Venlock
 5). Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer  6). Wayanad
 7). Peechi  8). 1957
 9). 1921 10). 1834 A. D

Kerala Quiz Part 04

1). Where is Kerala’s first jail situated?
2). Kerala’s first government hospital?
3). Kerala’s first film studio?
4). Which is the first Malayalam drama?
5). Which is the first concrete bridge?
6). First complete computer literate Grama Panchayath?
7). First Cinemascope film in Kerala?
8). First bird sanctuary?
9). Who is known as the father of Malayalam film industry?
10). Who is known as the father of Kerala circus?


 1). Kozhikode  2). Thiruvanathapuram Civil Hospital
 3). Navodaya Studio  4). Kalyani Nadakam
 5). Karamana  6). Chamravattam
 7). Thacholi Ambu  8). Thattekad
 9). J. C . Daniel  10). Keeleri Kunji Kannan

Kerala Quiz Part 05

1). The Divan who proposed American model rule to Thiruvithamkur?
2). The district with most rivers?
3). The district with most factories?
4). The district with lowest literacy rate?
5). The district with lowest density?
6). The district with least number of vehicles?
7). The district which gets least rainfall?
8). The city of Kerala which has the largest population?
9). The block panchayath with largest population?
10). The Gramapanchayath who won the first Swaraj Trophy?


 1). Sir C.P Ramaswami Ayyar  2). Kasargod
 3). Ernakulam  4). Palakkad
 5). Idukki  6). Wayanad
 7).Thiruvanathapuram  8). Kochi
 9). Kuttipuram 10). Vallikunnu

Kerala Quiz Part 06

1). How many members were there in the first ministry of Kerala?
2). The ‘Rice bowl’ of Kerala?
3). The second governor of Kerala?
4). The governor of Kerala who later became the president of India?
5). The governor who died on the duty?
6). The second chief minister of Kerala?
7). The only cantonment of the Kerala?
8). In which Kerala town the public transport system first introduced?
9). Kerala’s first assembly speaker?
10). Kerala’s first deputy chief minister?


 1). Eleven (11)  2). Kuttanad
 3). V. V. Giri  4). V. V . Giri
 5). Sikandar Bhakth  6). Pattam Thanu Pillai
 7). Kannur  8). Thiruvananthapuram
 9). R. Shankara Narayanan Thampi 10). R. Shankar

Kerala Quiz Part 07

1). The first town to be electrified?
2). Which art form is known as 'the poor man's Kathakali'?
3). Who banned the slave trade of Thiruvithamkur??
4). The only Muslim rulers of Kerala?
5). The official bird of Kerala?
6). The district with most Christian population?
7). The length of sea coast of Kerala is?
8). The least populated Grama Panchayath?
9). The largest industrial town of Kerala?
10). The king who conducted the first census in Thiruvithamkur?


 1). Thiruvanathapuram  2). Ottan thullal 
 3). Rani Lakshmi Bhai  4).  Arackal
 5). Horn Bill  6). Ernakulam
 7). 590 KM  8). Vattavada
 9). Aluva 10). Swathi Thirunal

Kerala Quiz Part 08

    1). The King of Thiruvithamkoor who is known as the Dhramaraja?
    2). The Kerala governor who was deceased on the duty?
    3). The gateway to Hi Range?
    4). The founder of the chain of India coffee houses?
    5). The founder of Kathakali?
    6). Which town is known as the town of three Cs?
    7). The first woman chief secretary?
    8). The first printing press?
    9). The first newspaper prohibited in Kerala?
    10). The Year in which Thumba rocket launching station (TERLS)  is established?


     1). Karthika Thirunal Rama Verma  2). Sikandhar Bhakth
     3). Kothamangalam  4). A. K .Gopalan
     5). Kottarakara Thampuran   6). Thalassery
     7). Dr. Padma Ramachandran  8). C.M.S. Press, Kottayam
     9). Santhistavadi  10). 1963

    Kerala Quiz Part 09

    1). The first Malayalee to be nominated to the Rajyasabha?
    2). The first Malayalee to be portrayed in a coin?
    3). The first Malayalee diplomat who got portrayed in the postal stamp?
    4). The first Malayalam film to get a national award?
    5). The first Keralite who became the president of Singapore?
    6). Who built the Backel Fort?
    7). The first Indian woman athlete who entered the final of an Olympic event?
    8). The first Gymnastic training center of India situated in?
    9). In which district the national Fish Seed Farm is situated?
    10). The first English school of Kerala situated in?


     1). Sardar K.M Panickar   2). Sree Narayana Guru
     3). V. K. Krishna Menon  4). Neelakkuyil
     5). Devan Nair   6). Sivappa Naik
     7). P. T. Usha  8). Kannur
     9). Pattanamthitta 10). Mattancheri

    Kerala Quiz Part 10

    1). The first constituent assembly to use the electronic voting machine for polling?
    2). The first chief Justice of Kerala High court?
    3).Where is the first open jail of Kerala?
    4). The First woman governor of Kerala?
    5). Kerala’s first sports school?
    6). First Malayalam short story?
    7). First Malayalam color movie?
    8). Kerala’s first woman magazine?
    9). Kerala’s first limited company?
    10). First Keralite to become man of the match in an international cricket match?


     1). Paravoor   2). K.T. Koshy 
     3). Kattakada  4). Jyothi Venkatachalam
     5). G.V. Raja sports school  6). Vasana Vikruthy
     7). Kandam Becha Kott  8). Keraliya Suguna Bodhini
     9). Punalur Paper Mill 10). S. Sreesanth

    Kerala Quiz Part 11

    1). The minister who presented the land reorganization bill?
    2). Who is the first Malayalee to win the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?
    3). The chief minister who ruled the state for the longest period?
    4). The first coach who got the Dhronacharya award?
    5). The first law minister of Kerala?
    6). The first Industries minister?
    7). First labor and transport minister?
    8). The author of the book ‘Keralam Malayalikalude Mathrubhumi?
    9).The year in which Vasco De Gama reached Kappad?
    10).Who is known as ‘Kerala Gandhi?’


     1). K.R. Gowriyamma      2). K.M. Beenamol
     3). E.K. Nayanar   4). O.M. Nambiyar
     5). V.R. Krishna Ayyar  6).  K. P. Gopalan  
     7). T. V. Thomas    8). E.M.S Namboothiripad
     9). 1498 10). K. Kelappan

     Kerala Quiz Part 12

    1. The Malayalee scientist who is known as the father of Indian Green revolution?
    2. Where is the headquarters of Kerala Folklore academy?
    3. The place known as the 'Gateway to Thekkadi'?
    4. The first rubber park of India?
    5. The first opposition leader of Kerala?
    6. Where is the first Rock garden of Kerala situated?
    7. The first Keralite Olympian?
    8. The first industrial firm to use electricity?
    9. The first biological park in India was set up at?
    10. The first bank of Kerala?


     1). M.S. Swaminathan     2). Kannur
     3). Kumali   4). Airapuram
     5). P.T. Chacko  6). Malampuzha
     7). Suresh Babu  8). Kannan Devan Company
     9). Agastyakoodam  10). Nedungadi Bank

    Kerala Quiz Part 13

    1). The year in which the Kerala state is formed?
    2). The capital of Kerala?
    3). How many districts in Kerala?
    4). The official flower of Kerala?
    5). Which city is known as the 'Venice of the East'?
    6). The birthplace of Sree Sankaracharya?
    7). The first 3D film of India?
    8). The Malayalee athlete who got the most number of gold medals in an Asian games?
    9). The Architect of the Alapuzha town?
    10). The oldest synagogue situated in India?


     1). 1956  2). Thiruvanathapuram
     3). 14 (fourteen)  4). Kanikkonna (Causia fistula)
     5). Alappuzha  6). Kalady
     7). My Dear Kuttichathan  8). P.T Usha
     9). Raja Kesava Dasan 10). Mattanchery

    Kerala Quiz Part 14

    1). Where is the first mosque in India built?
    2). The year of Punnapra Vayalar strike?
    3). The first Governor of Kerala?
    4). The first Malayalee Governor of Kerala?
    5). The first irrigation project of Kerala?
    6). The least populated Taluk of Kerala?
    7). The first 70 mm Malayalam film?
    8). Which town is known as the gateway to Hi-Range?
    9). The first Malayalam talkie?
    10). Who was the volunteer captain of Guruvayoor Sathyagraha?


     1). Kodungalloor  2). 1946
     3). B. Ramakrishna Rao  4). V. Viswanathan
     5). Pallivasal  6). Kothamangalam
     7). Padayottam   8). Kothamangalam
     9). Balan 10). A.K Gopalan

    Kerala Quiz Part 15

    1. The author of ‘Govardhante Yatraghal?
    2. The first silent movie of Kerala?
    3. The district which have the most density?
    4. The leader of Vaikam sathyagraha?
    5. The first chief minister of Kerala?
    6. In which district Bakel fort is situated?
    7. Where is the forest research center situated?
    8. Who is known as Kerala Panini ?
    9. Which is the last formed district of Kerala?
    10. The first Gymnastic training center of India situated in?


     1). Anand  2). Vigatha Kumaran
     3). Alappuzha  4). T. K Madhavan
     5). E.M.S Namboothiripad  6). Kasargod
     7). Peechi  8). R. Rajaraja Verma
     9). Kasargod 10). Kannur

    Kerala Quiz Part 16

    1. The famous Edakal caves situated in which district?
    2. Which city is known as the cultural capital of Kerala?
    3. The first Malayalam newspaper with the first Internet edition?
    4. The longest river of Kerala?
    5. The birth place of Sree Narayana Guru?
    6. Who is known as the Kerala Valmiki?
    7. Who is known as the Kerala Thulasidasan?
    8. Who is known as the Kerala Scott?
    9. The Temple which is known as Southern Kailasa?
    10. The ship in which Vasco De Gama reached Kappad?


     1). Wayanad  2). Thrissur
     3). Deepika  4). Periyar
     5). Chempazhanthi  6). Vallathol
     7). Vellikulam Gopala Kurup  8). C. V. Raman Pillai
     9). Vadakkumnatha temple 10). San Gabriel

    Kerala Quiz Part 17

    1. The Malayalee scientist who is known as the father of Indian Green revolution?
    2. The first Indian woman athlete who entered the semifinal of an Olympic event?
    3. The first Indian woman athlete who entered the final of an Olympic event?
    4. The year of Guruvayoor sathyagraha?
    5. The year of Mappila lahala?
    6. The last Maharaja of Thiruvithamkur?
    7. The first president of Kerala Sahithya Academy?
    8. The founder of Modern Thiruvithamkur?
    9. The first film of Adoor Gopala Krishnan?
    10. Who is the founder of the Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham?


     1). M.S Swaminathan  2).  Shiny Wilson
     3). P. T. Usha   4). 1931
     5). 1921  6). Chithirathirunal Balarama Verma
     7). Sardar K. M. Panickar   8). Marthanda Verma
     9). Swayamvaram 10). Ayyankali

    Kerala Quiz Part 18

    1. The first college of Kerala?
    2.  The first newspaper of Kerala?
    3. The first Keralite who became the president of Singapore?
    4.The district with the highest density?
    5.The only Keralite president of Indian national congress?
    6.The youngest ever chief minister of Kerala?
    7.In which river the Pallivasal project is based?
    8.The year of Vaikam Sathyagraha?
    9.Who is known as the father of Malayalam language?
    10.The district with most rice production?


     1). C.M.S College,  Kottayam  2). Rajya Samajaram
     3). Devan Nair  4). Alapuzha
     5). C. Sankaran Nair  6). A.K Antony
     7). Muthirampuzha           8). 1924
     9). Ezhuthachan 10). Palakad

    Kerala Quiz Part 19

    1.The district with most coconut production?
    2.Kerala’s first thermal power project situated in?
    3.The first Diesel power project?
    4.The largest hydro electrical project in Kerala?
    5.Who is known as Kerala Ibsen?
    6.Who is known as Kerala Maupassant?
    7.Who is known as Kerala Vyasan?
    8.Who is known as Kerala Kalidasan?
    9.Who is known as Kerala Hemingway?
    10.The first Indian woman to get the Booker prize?


     1). Kozhikod  2). Kayamkulam
     3). Brahmapuram  4). Idukki
     5). N. Krishna Pillai  6). Thakazhi
     7). Kodungalloor Kunjikuttan Thampuran  8). Keralaverma Valiya Koyithampuran
     9). M.T Vasudevan Nair 10). Arundadhi Roy

    Kerala Quiz Part 20

    1.The district in which Silent Valley National Park situated?
    2.The first city of Kerala to get complete literacy?
    3.The first Malayalee actor who go the Bharath Award?
    4.The first minister for education of Kerala?
    5.The most populated district of Kerala?
    6.The first Finance minister of Kerala?
    7.The first Health minister of Kerala?
    8.The year of the temple entry proclamation?
    9.The first woman justice of Supreme Court?
    10.The district with lowest density?


     1). Palakkad  2). Kottayam
     3). P. J Antony  4). Joseph Mundassery
     5). Malappuram  6). C. Achutha Menon
     7). Dr. A.R. Menon  8). 1936
     9). Fathima Beevi  10). Idukki

    Kerala Quiz Part 21

    1.The first Keralite Chief justice of Kerala high court?
    2.Where does the Kerala high court situated?
    3.Which is known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea?
    4.Who is well known as the ‘Lion of Kerala’?
    5.How many members were there in the first ministry of Kerala?
    6.The district with the most Hindu population?
    7.The smallest district of Kerala?
    8.How many rivers are there in the Kerala?
    9.The largest lake in the Kerala?
    10.The largest freshwater lake of Kerala?


     1). K. K. Usha   2). Ernakulam
     3). Kochi  4). Pazhassi Raja
     5). 11  6). Thiruvananthapuram.
     7). Alapuzha  8). 44
     9). Vembanadu lake  10). Sastamkotta lake

    Kerala Quiz Part 22

    1.How many Rajyasabha seats are there for Kerala?
    2.How many Loksabha seats are there in Kerala?
    3.The district with most number of rivers?
    4.The number of corporations in Kerala?
    5.The first chief Justice of Kerala High court?
    6.The first railway line of Kerala?
    7.The first Malayalee to be portrayed in a postal stamp?
    8.The highest peak of Kerala?
    9.The director of the film Chemmeen?
    10.The longest highway going through Kerala?


     1).  9 (Nine)    2). 20 (Twenty)
     3). Kasargod  4). 5 (Five)
     5). K.T. Koshy  6). Bepur-Tirur
     7). Sree Narayana Guru  8). Anamudi
     9). Ramu Karyat 10). NH 17

    Kerala Quiz Part 23

    1.Where is the first Post office started in Kerala?
    2.The first woman minister of Kerala?
    3.Official animal of Kerala?
    4.Official tree of Kerala?
    5.The district with lowest literacy rate?
    6.The first medical college of Kerala?
    7.The first radio station started in?
    8.The birthplace of Sree Narayana Guru?
    9.The birth place of Chattambi Swamikal?
    10.The birth place of Ayyankali?


     1). Alapuzha  2). K.R. Gowri Amma
     3). Elephant  4). Coconut
     5). Palakad  6). Thiruvanathapuram Medical College
     7). Thiruvanathapuram  8). Chempazhanthi
     9). Kollur 10). Venganoor

    Kerala Quiz Part 24

    1.The birth place of Kumaranasan?
    2.The rice bowl of Kerala?
    3.The city known as the City of Letters?
    4.The biggest district of Kerala?
    5.The city of Kerala which has the largest population?
    6.The world’s first teak plantation is situated in?
    7.The longest dam of the state?
    8.The only arch dam of India?
    9.Kerala’s pepper research institute?
    10.The rocket launching station of Kerala is located in?


     1). Kayikkara  2). Kuttanad
     3). Kottayam     4). Palakkad
     5). Kochi  6). Nilambur
     7). Malampuzha  8). Idukki
     9). Panniyoor  10). Thumba


    Kerala Quiz Part 25

    1. In Kerala, who was the first secretary of communist party?
    2. The first K.P.C.C secretary?
    3. The year of the First Njanapeet Award?
    4.  Who got the first Vayalar Award?
    5.  Who got the first Odakkuzhal award?
    6.  Who got the first Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for Malayalam?
    7. The district which gets largest rainfall?
    8. Kerala's first national park?
    9. The district headquarters of Ernakulam district?
    10.The year in which Kollavarsha started?


     1). K.P.R Gopalan  2). K.P. Kesava Menon
     3). 1965  4). Lalithambika Antherjanam
     5). Sugathakumari  6). R.Narayanappanikkar
     7). Kozhikode  8). Iravikkulam National park
     9). Kakkanad 10). 825 A.D

    Kerala Quiz Part 26

    1. Where is the first Rock garden of Kerala situated?
    2. The year of Malabar Mutiny
    3. Where is the first law university of Kerala?
    4. The taluk with longest coastal area?
    5. How many times there was Presidential rule in Kerala?
    6. Which place is known as the Kashmir of the east?
    7. In which lake the Pathiramanal island is situated?
    8. In which place of Kerala, the first butterfly park of Asia is situated?
    9. The largest fort of Kerala?
    10. The first European fort of the Kerala?

    1). Malampuzha 2). 1921
    3). Kochi   4). Cherthala
    5). 7 (seven) 6). Munnar
    7). Vembanattu lake 8). Thenmala
    9). Backal Fort 10). Fort Manuel

    Kerala Quiz Part 27

    1. The number of Taluks in Kerala?

    2. Kerala's first professional football club?

    3. The first keralite who conquered the Mt. Everest?

    4. The first male athlete to get the Arjuna Award?

    5. What is known as the Magna Carta of Kerala?

    6. The year of Temple entry Proclamation?

    7. The smallest river of Kerala?

    8. Kerala’s biggest Christian church?

    9. The year in which Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time?

    10. The first registered bank of Kerala?


    1). 63 2). F.C. Cochin
    3). C. Balakrishnan 4). C. Balakrishnan
    5). Temple Entry Proclamation
    6). 1937
    7). Manjeswaram 8). St. Antony’s Cathedral, Kochi
    9). 1920 10). Travancore Permanent Fund

    Kerala Quiz Part 28

    1. The first coir village of Kerala?
    2. The Year in which the first post office of Kerala started?
    3. In which year the S.S.L.C examination started in Kerala?
    4. Which is the public sector cement company in Kerala?
    5. First heroine in the history of the Malayalam film?
    6. The newspaper with first internet edition?
    7.Who is the author of Malabar Manuel?
    8. For how many days the Mamangam was conducted?
    9. Kerala’s biggest Archeological Museum?
    10. In which district Sabarimala Temple is situated?


    1). Vayalar2). 1857
    3). 1952
    4).  Malabar Cements
    5). Kamalam (Balan)6). Deepika
    7). William Logan  8). 28
    9). Thrippurnithura Palace10). Pattanamthitta

    Kerala Quiz Part 29

    1. The district with only one railway station?
    2. The district in which Kerala's first labor bank was formed?
    3. The district with most number of railway stations?
    4. The biggest novel of Malayalam?
    5. The autobiography of E.M.S. Namboothirpad?
    6. The year in which Vasco De Gama visited Kerala the 2nd time?
    7. The first Keralite to become the union defense minister?
    8. Kerala's first bio village?
    9. Kerala's first international airport?
    10. The first chief minister of Kerala who appeared in the postal stamps?


    1). Pattanamthitta2). Palakkad
    3). Thiruvanathapuram
    4).  Avakasikal
    5). Atmakatha6). 1502
    7). V. K. Krishna Menon8). Udumbanoor
    9). Thiruvanathapuram10). E.M.S. Namboothiripad

    Kerala Quiz Part 30

    1. The first Malayalee Oscar Award Winner
    2. The first woman I.P.S Officer
    3. The biggest dam in Kerala?
    4. The capital of Venad Kingdom?
    5. The year in which the Kerala Sahitya Akadami Awards were given?
    6. The largest IT employer in Kerala
    7. The first railway line of kerala?
    8. How many rivers in Kerala are West-flowing?
    9. How many times Gandhiji visited the state?
    10. First Teak (wood) museum is situated in?


    1). Rasool Pookutty2). Sreelekha I.P.S
    3). Idukki Dam
    4).  Kollam
    5). 19586). Techno Park, Thiruvanathapuram
    7). Bepure-Thirur8). 41
    9). Five10). Nilambur


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