Govt. Orders

1. The orders about duties of a Police Surgeon and the Jurisdiction. 

    a) The Government Order (G.O. M.S. No 364/68/Home dated 14/10/1968) which laid down which autopsies are to be conducted by a Police Surgeon; the services in the capacity of a consultant; delegation of duties and the circumstances when his/her services can be requisitioned outside the normal jurisdiction. An this order was amended by another Government Order (G.O. M.S. No. 248/69/Home dated 26/07/1969)  later on to remove the compulsive language and replace "will" with "shall". 

    b)  The regulations for requisitioning of the service of a Police Surgeon outside the jurisdiction was amended by another Government Order (G.O. (MS)No. 89/74/Home Dated Trivandrum 6/6/74). The same order mandated a change in the jurisdiction of Police Surgeons as well. 

    c) A further Government Order (G.O. M.S> 87/84/Home dated Trivandrum 3rd July 1984) was issued further delineating the jurisdiction of Police Surgeons. As per this the jurisdictions are as below. 
        i) Police Surgeon Trivandrum     : Trivandrum and Quilon
        ii) Police Surgeon, Alleppey           : Alleppey and Ernakulam
        iii) Police Surgeon, Kottayam       : Kottayam, Idukki and Pathanamthitta. 
        iv) Police Surgeon, Trichur           : Trichur, Palghat and Malappuram. 
        V) Police Surgeon, Calicut              : Calicut, Wayanad and Cannenore. 

        d) The Jurisdictions were further amended when the Pariyaram Medical College started offering the service of Police Surgeons. When the government sanctioned the permission to conduct autopsies to other private Medical Colleges like the Cochin Co-Operative Medical College and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, the Jurisdiction was not split, but a system of overlapping jurisdictions was created. 

2. Kerala Medico-Legal Code
    a) The Government Order issuing guidelines with regard to legal provisions governing medico-legal examination (the Kerala Medico-Legal Code). G.O. (MS) No 232/11/Home Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 22/10/2011
    b) Final proposal  for Kerala Medico-Legal Code. 
    c) General guidelines for examination and certification of medico-legal cases (Kerala Medico-Legal Code). 
    d) Annexure 1: Formats for Medico-legal Certification. 
    e) Annexure 2: Medico-Legal Post-Mortem Examination - Guidelines
3. Human Organ Transplantation 
    a) The Director of Medical Education in Kerala issued a series of orders on 04.02.2012 about Cadaver Organ Harvesting. 
        (i) G.O. (MS)No.36/2012/H&FWD. Dated 04.02.2012 was about the Procedure for declaration of brain death 
        (ii) G.O.(MS) No. 37/2012/H&FWD Dated 04.02.2012 issued Guidelines for the procedure to be adopted by the Government and Private Hospitals approved for Organ Transplantation. 
        (iii) G.O. (MS)No.38/2012/H&FWD Dated 04/02/2012 laid down detailed instructions for Non Transplant Organ Retrieval Centers (NTORC) to retrieve organs from brain dead persons. 
        (iv) G.O. (MS) No.39/2012/H&FWD Dated 04.02.2012 gave detailed instructions about the duties and responsibilities of Transplant Centres in hospitals.