Kukui Cup

The Kukui Cup is a propsed University of Hawai`i at Mānoa dorm energy competition.  For this competition, we hope to have a social web application that rewards students for performing tasks regarding energy literacy.  We also hope to provide integration with social networks like Facebook and provide support for mobile phones.


iGeoRSS is an iPhone application that acts as a reader for the GeoRSS format that orders stories based on their distance from the location of the device.  The first version of this application is available in the iTunes app store.  I am currently working on a second version of the application.  This new version will include a new commenting framework that uses Twitter.  It will also include a redesign of the news reader interface where the stories are laid out in a map instead of a list.  The goal of the project is to get people talking about what is going on near them.


E Hoʻomaluō

E Hoʻomaluō is a web application that uses data from WattDepot and presents it in various ways.  Using the energy data gathered by WattDepot, the application can chart the energy generated by the various energy sources.  The application also presents the current carbon content for a source in the form of a stoplight.  This stoplight can be used to determine if this is a good time to run appliances such as dishwashers and dryers.  The application was developed using Java and the Apache Wicket web framework.

iSpin the Bottle

iSpin the Bottle (iTunes link) is a simple iPhone application based on the game Spin the Bottle.  In this application, users take pictures of at least 3 players.  Shaking the iPhone then takes them to a screen with a rotating bottle animated using Core Animation.  The sound of a bottle spinning is played using Core Audio and the images are shown in the background.  While a simple application, it did provide experience working with Core Audio, Core Animation, and the accelerometers in the iPhone.