Welcome to my GK-12 DISSECT Fellowship homepage.

My name is Kenza Arraki and I am a PhD candidate in the astronomy department at NMSU.

By clicking these links you can find my NMSU research page, my personal page, and my most recent publication list.

Please see the main NSF GK-12 page and the NMSU Computer Science GK-12 page for more details on the aim of the program.

Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year I worked with Paulo Oemig at Zia Middle School in Las Cruces, NM, implementing computational thinking into 8th grade science curriculum.

Included in this website for the NSF GK-12 DISSECT program are developed modules and summaries of classroom activities. Please click one of the links on the left to view recently developed modules, presentations, and a list of recent activities (calendar).