Why Me?

Because I vow to make a special pledge to you (and everyone else) as your copywriter!

Using the right words to express business ideas, services and products is what I do best!  My love affair with language allows me to understand the power words have to motivate behavior and influence emotions that move people to action!

My background in Marketing and Communication equips me with the experience of creating and promoting brand platforms, understanding different target audiences, the importance of thorough research, and utilizing multi-media outlets for communicating.  My Creative Writing degree prepared me to write compelling copy that tells a story, and warrants a visceral reaction -- not dry, dense sentences with zero punch. 

My Pledge...

Top shelf customer service.
No ego.  No stress.  Just great customer service.  You are my number one priority, and I make you feel that way.

Thoughtful, well written copy.
Not only is it thoughtful, it’s thorough and research driven.

On target, on time.
Bull’s eye writing that captures your business’s core values, mission and messaging.  You receive your copy on time, all of the time.

Comfortable, casual & professional.
All of the positive attitude, none of the caffeinated perkiness... Laid-back, yet reliable  with a business-minded approach to your project’s needs, my enthusiasm is exhibited in the work I produce for you. 

Trust, honesty, confidentiality and good ethics all come into play when I’m working for you; I believe the work one does is a reflection of their character.

Creativity is my middle name: Kenya C. Evans.
For you, I will think outside of the box, inside of the box, on top of, underneath, and at the edges of the box to make your brand, service or product speak to and connect with your audiences.

On demand designers.
Armed with hired guns, I can provide the additional creative ammunition you desire: web or graphic designers, and 2D/3D motion graphics, video production, story-boarding or sound designers for your visual projects.

Just one more thing.
The great television detective Columbo asked many questions to solve the most mysterious murders; great journalists ask questions to get to the heart of uncovering groundbreaking stories; and that’s why great copywriters ask ALL the right questions in order to deliver striking and effective copy for your business!