Here's what I can do for you!

Web content
create copy that expresses who and what your business is to end-users
    think of it as your online I.D. giving visitors essential information in a snap
    shot on who you are, where you are, and what you do

Web Rewrite/Editing
shortening your original 'who and what' of your business to make it web-friendly
    just say it, don't write an essay about it!  people today want the gist of what
    you do that is concise and clear, and that's what I can do for you

Case studies
writing the success stories of your business
    you work hard at your business and potential clients should know this, but
    numbers and statistics won't speak to the human connection like a well written story

Collateral materials
documents that describes a company's programs, statistics and services/products
    it's the show & tell of the company in written form that is more in-depth than a website    
    that has a specific focus

Direct eMail Campaigns
an electronic newsletter, postcard or news alert that communicates updates, events or promotional opportunities to the company's audience, and solicits the reader to buy or take some form of action
    when you focus on writing relevant content that matters to your readers or offer   
    opportunities that are solutions to their problems - they will open their email!             

Social Media Management & Consultation
micro-blogging and interfacing with you customers, clients and general audience in an interactive way
    keeping your followers informed of what's new and exactly how cool you are using 
    promotional messages, links, pictures, videos and sharing helpful content from others

capturing the experience, work history, accolades and personality of the artist or business professional from a unique and interesting perspective   
    autobiographies can be so 'brag-a-docious', wouldn't you rather have someone             
    else brag about what a super star you are because when you hire someone to write     
    your praises, it's less biased that way (wink!)