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Our Story

Background History: 

In 2006, Cupertino High School’s Class of 2010 decided to do something different, something unlike any other class. So they dreamed about establishing a philanthropic model for Cupertino High School by helping others. They wanted to help students their own age, students like them who are less fortunate.

On May 3rd, 2007, over 90% of the class of 2010 signed a petition to give 100% of their fundraising (which would normally help fund class parties, dances, and junior and senior prom) to help Kenya Dream with its projects to upgrade school facilities. In the year 2008, the dream reached out to the other classes of Cupertino High School, making Kenya Dream an official school project so that thousands of students for many generations may benefit from our dream and your generous contributions.

Why would we do this? We realized that we were luckier than many other people living in developing countries — we attend a school, where we have access to electricity and running water, and can focus on our studies rather than working to help support our families. We enjoy our lives while millions of others suffer under the yoke of unfairly hard work because they live in a less fortunate circumstance. Why should this be? We decided that we should reach out to these people and help ease their situation in what ways we could.

Kenya Dream Students from Cupertino High School at Rotary Event

In 2010, Kenya Dream expanded to Southern California with the start of a new branch at the University of California, Irvine. Kenya Dream has spread its message and continues to expand reaching a broader audience through different events at UC Irvine, including Ken-Ya Dance SoCal, Kenya Dream Week and more.