I recently spoke on a Podcast with my good friend Mike Zipursky, of Consulting Success.  I've known Mike, and his cousin Sam, for over a decade and highly admire their work training and mentoring consultants to reach their goals and dreams.

It was great fun - thanks for chatting Mike!

Your friend in Oz

To ensure the highest possible quality of my work I limited client list to 10 clients in any one year.

My schedule is currently completely full, however you are welcome to join my wait-list by emailing me you details via


with most kind regards

Ciel Bleu (restaurant) Amsterdam (in the Okura Hotel) - the most amazing and complete dining and experience I have ever had - a truly memorable evening!

Checking out Amsterdam's new light rail carriages - a service desk in the of middle each "train".

In Breda - some great hotels and cafes, with a distinctly Dutch approach to service

Currently in Belfast examining The Glider - interesting system.  Service ethics are great

 2 months into ACTING INVESTIGATIONS and still amazed at how wonderful it is working with this team!

Currently working with an amazing team on a new project - the web series ACTING INVESTIGATIONS.  Exciting project, passionate, enthusiastic people!!!

Heading back to Australia after an amazing trip - 5 countries in 5 weeks and working with incredible people in each country.

Recently presented a keynote at the 15th Annual Young Child Expo and Conference in Manhattan.  Amazing experience - very well run, 1200 participants from 20 countries, great speakers ... lots of passion, enthusiasm and expertise!!!

Working on RISEN again - great cast and crew with a dynamic, passionate director!

Quote to consider:
"Ego often gets in the way, of having an otherwise very nice day"
(KW - 2000)

2018 looks like being a BIG year. 4 overseas trips planned to-date with a Key Note in NYC this May.

Currently researching skill sets for enhanced communication within large amalgamated teams.

Creating my 2018 Q1 schedule - so far it looks like 4 countries in 3 months. Lost of amazing people to work with!

Working on a great movie "RISEN" now ... a sci-fi thriller with a wonderful, young and very talented team.  Lots of fun too!!!

Now back from Cannes Film Festival representing TARGET FASCINATION....an amazing experience!!!

Currently attending Harvard University - Professional Development Program - Advanced Executive Communication - What an amazing environment to learn in!

Exploring the work of CarAdvice.com.au - great group of presenters working on moving forward.

Working with Front Rank Films - The Pelosi Brothers are producing some really interesting movies. The Big Noise and Target Fascination.  European feel yet intriguingly Australian.