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Under Development in Southeastern Kentucky

Swimming with dolpins, 80-acre zoo, 120,000 sq foot indoor water park, 2 million square foot mall (over 4 floors) with roller coasters and 60-70 shops. 150 x 200 ft. arena for large events like demolition derbys, tractor pulls, figure-8 stock car racking and wild-west shows. It will include a music stage for country music and performing arts. Full football field, basketball court and olympic size swimming pool. 100,000 sq. foot fish aquarium. 1,200 ft. x 750 ft. 3-story building. We want 100' x 200' ice-skating rink and all equipment necessary for olympic training.We want to be able to provide all the training necessary for our kids to go for the gold or silver in all sports: Boxing, wrestling, ice-skating, diving and swimming. This is going to be more of an educational building rather than fun. There will be classrooms, elevators and escalators.

Me and Mark Cline came up with the concept for a seafood restaurant. We want a 50' pirate ship on the 3rd floor and the seafood restaurant will be in the bottom half of the ship. Waitresses will be dressed up as pirates and mermaids.

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We cannot depend on President Obama or the Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear to create jobs. We can do it our self.

A Project by Otis "Bullman" Hensley 

Kentucky Wildlife Center and Petting Zoo  
Coming Soon! 200 Acres.
This park will create 800 new jobs in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee  
A 41-page letter to President Obama. He was president for about 40 days when the Whitehouse recieved the letter. It's been 6 months with no response. President Obama's talking alot about creating thousands of jobs and I'm just doing my part here. I could use a little help.
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The Mega Mall at Kentucky Dolphin Splashpark.
Conference Room and Convention Center. Click Here.
Kentucky Dolphin Splashpark. See the pictures of the park.
See the 500 Room hotel.A World Class Waterpark. Bringing the world to Appalachia, the mountains of Kentucky.
A 45,000 square foot arena.
The Kentucky Wildlife Center and Petting Zoo - 200 acres.
600 new shops. 12,000 new jobs.
The biggest mall in America. 4 million, 244,000 square feet. Sits on 38 acres of land.
18 hole golf course. Pineville Kentucky. 10 minutes from the park.
160,000 square foot indoor water park. (3 acres)
My theme is dinosaurs.
Bringing the ocean to Kentucky. 1 million gallon fish aquarium. The sea track adventure. 30-foot waterfalls all throughout the building.
100 by 200 ice rink with a large ice slide.
Kentucky's largest monolithic dome. 70,000 square feet.
Bullman's International Airport. 150 feet wide 10,000 feet-long runway.

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Click here for a closeup of a 35-acre outdoor water park sent to me by my friend Steve. We've got more coming in...

Here's a map of an indoor water park by Empex Watertoys
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Click Here For some roller coasters like the ones we will be building.

Contact Otis Bullman Hensley for more information at (606) 664-3002. Tentavely titled the "Kentucky Dolphin Splash Park." Special thanks to Maarten Voogd and Staff of Water Ventures for helping with the name of the park.

Also developing space for stock car, dirt-bike and ATV racing. I Otis Bullman Hensley wanted a horsetrail from the Harlan County-Virginia border 44 miles to Cumberland Gap National Park and to Black Mountain, the highest point in the state of Kentucky on the border. I want to work with first lady Jane Beshear to open a horse trail from the border from Ashland Kentucky to Missouri, 474 miles. I want the trail on the border because of the view of 3 states and the lack of interference with highways and roads. I want a seperate horse trail and an ATV trail.

To See Plans Of The 2 Million Sq. Foot Facility, Click Here

Located in Harlan County Kentucky within an hour of Tennessee and Virginia.

A project by Otis Hensley

Otis Hensley Jr.
PO Box 589
Wallins Creek, Kentucky 40873

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R44 Raven II, available at www.robinsonheli.com

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